Positive Vibes

Let’s be Enthusasium Cheerleaders!

Well hello my little heart friends and Happy Monday!

On Friday night, I was honored at my company’s birthday party with one of the annual awards nominated by my fellow team members,  The award I that I won was ‘Inspirational Colleague’ and as the Managing Director described the winner (before my name was announced) he mentioned that the winner is truly the office cheerleader.


Who me?

Well, that is just about the most flattering and wonderful title that I’ve been granted in a long long time.

It’s easy for me to keep spirits up within the wider team and act as the cheer leader, because I sincerely believe in the work we do and the team I am surrounded by.  I am lucky to have some incredibly smart and creative team members who actually inspire me on a daily basis.

The award was also special to me, because since moving to the UK I have always struggled to fit my outgoing American personality into a more subdued British office environment.  But the award gave me insight that my high fives, dancing, occasional singing and sheer joy isn’t judged upon…instead it’s welcomed and appreciated.  That made had my heart feeling wonderfully full.

Too many times we hold back silliness or joy, because we might not look cool enough or taken less seriously in the long run. This week, let’s be silly and have wonderful enthusasium for life.

Let’s get excited. Let’s have enthusasium for where we are investing our energy and our heart. Let’s hug and love where our passion lies, our never ending task list or our next impossible project. Even more, let’s believe it is worth investing time and fighting for.  And you know what? Our enthusasium will inspire others to lead with joy and be driven by passion.

It’s an amazing cycle of inspiration for sure!

And I thought this quote is just perfect to share today:


So, let’s take on this week with passion and excitement, and avoid lukewarm at all costs!

Who’s with me?



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