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The Power of Intuition


I’ve been thinking lately about how powerful intuition is. The ability for our brains to tell us to turn from a dangerous situation out of self preservation. I mean, that’s where intuition comes from, the idea of moving away from harm all in order to stay alive.

We all know when a moment of intuition hits us unexpectedly.

That feeling in the core of yourself when you are entering a not-so-safe environment and the efforts we undergo to take care of ourselves. Like walking that extra block rather than cutting through the poorly lit alley way. Being aware of your physical surroundings and listening to our intuition can help to keep us from potentially dangerous situations.

Intuition is the feeling when we just know if something isn’t quite right. When something is feeling unsettled or unbalanced.

It’s easy to identify intuition when feeling unsafe in a physical space, but what about when protecting our spiritual and emotional self? When something isn’t quite right, in a relationship or in work or when something internally unbalanced.

I think that intuition is amazing. It helps me get through the day, nearly every single day, when I am making decisions, leading a team or communicating with a client.  I have to step back, in a busy and hectic day, and really listen to my inner intuition.  What is best path? How can I protect my heart? How can I stay true to myself in this moment?

I believe that when something isn’t right we just know. We know in the core of ourselves, and the faster we admit it to ourselves, the faster we can seek to find a new sense of balance and perspective.

It is so important to ourselves to use (and listen to) the powerful tool of intuition. Take a step back. Ask questions. Adjust and recalibrate.

Tell me, have you had any recent moments when you had a powerful intuition moment? Did intuition help you to make a decision and stay true to course? Did it help protect yourself from harm?

As always, I would love to hear from you.


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