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Choose to See the Good Stuff

Hi my darling friends, and I hope that you are getting into the full swing of things for June. June is one fantastic month, don’t you think? The days are bright and sunny, the breeze is a treat and adventure is right on the horizon.

This past weekend, we went out for a bit of summer exploring right here in North Wales.

First, we visited Bodnant Gardens which has a seasonal summer bloom theLaburnum arch. You see, each June for just a few weeks this divine arch is in full bloom and it is divine. The blooms suspend from the arch and it is magical. And I strolled from one end of the walk to the other in sheer awe.

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Then, from Bodnant Gardens, we headed to the beach where Freddy was able to run and run and run. And while Freddy and Neal played catch, I found myself sitting in the sun taking big deep breaths. And during that 15 minutes in the sun, I found myself wonderfully happy. In that moment, I didn’t want for anything and perfectly content. With the summer sunshine and wind on my face, I took a moment and I took a deep breath. I calibrated myself, and there I was in a place of simple happiness.

Making an effort to step back and search for the ‘good stuff’ and simple moments of happiness always boosts my mood a bit. And, when I am having a ‘not-so-good’ day (yes, those even happen to me) having a memory bank of simple moments of happiness turns my frown upside down. (Yup, I went there.)


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So this week, I am wishing that each of us can find a bit of our own ‘good stuff’ that makes us smile and puts a spring in our step.  Did you have any moments of sheer happiness over the weekend? As always, I would love to hear from you.

Happy Monday friends!


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