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Discovering St. David’s Bishops Palace, Pembrokeshire

Why hello friends! I am excited to share with you a few photos from our weekend away at the Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales. Pembrokeshire is a beautiful area of Wales, with rolling green hills, rugged coast lines and remote villages.

One place that I knew I wanted to visit during our weekend away was St. David’s. Now, St. David’s is named after the patron saint of Wales, and is seeped in heritage in history. Including a medieval Bishop’s palace and a stone cathedral, which I couldn’t wait to explore.

Spying on the cathedral through the trees….


Or seeing the cathedral through the palace stonework….


The main courtyard of the St. David’s Bishop Palace. Simply amazing to think that much of the exisiting building is from the 13th and 14th centuries!


And yes, pups can visit too! As long as they are on a leash (or lead).  Freddy is a natural born explorer…


The palace had fantastic details and carvings, like this stone window? Swoon!


Speaking of Freddy the Explorer, how good is he to sit so perfectly still while I snap way to many photos? Bless.


From St. David’s Palace, you can walk up a bit of a hill and just look at this view! The cathedral is in the front with medieval palace in the background. Such a historical spot!EQ6K2JStnX1faXtI.jpg
This sweet sweet pup, he is always up for a bit of exploring and adventures.Qkyb8pbAAABe7VzH.jpg

St. David’s Bishop Palace is really a lovely medieval building.  I was impressed with the detail and the scale of the spot! If you are planning a visit to Pembrokeshire, make sure to include a visit to St. David’s especially St. David’s Bishop Palace.

I have other lovely adventures from our weekend on the Pembrokeshire coast, be on the look out for other stories highlighting this beautiful area of Wales!


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