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Celebrating Love and Laughter on Our Wedding Anniversary

I have something to admit to you all. When I organised the prompts for Blog Everyday in May, I planned them all around today’s prompt. You see, today is our third wedding anniversary so I love the idea of infusing more love into the world today with the prompt:

“Love is…”

My short answer, love is everything. Love is powerful. Love is earth shaking and inspiring. Love is engrossing and challenging and all consuming. Love is compromise and growth. Love is a great mystery and equalizer. Love is everything.

Neal Belinda s W-1908

And today, on our third wedding anniversary I am thinking about where our love story has taken us. What started with grand gestures of international flights and whirlwind romance, has evolved to daily gestures of love like a surprise coffee from Starbucks or dance parties in the kitchen. I have learned that love is evolving and growing, and that we are constantly learning from one another. We’ve shared our frustrations, leaned on each other during challenges and celebrated victories.Anniversary Collage

As I prepared to write this post, I searched through my blog archives from my anniversary post from last year to see how far I have come. {Fave perk of blogging!}  Last year, I shared how we were still learning to communicate and learn from one another.  This lesson still rings true, and I am now willing to guess that growing and learning from one another will be a constant part of our marriage.

I have learned more about myself in our first three years of marriage than at any other point in my life. On how I work through compromises, how to be the bigger person, how to fight fair and how to forgive. How no one is perfect, and how we all need to be more accepting of our faults together.

Neal is the one whom my soul loves, and I feel that together we can complement our strengths and weakness to take on challenges that come our way. Our love has grown, but along with that our respect and friendship for one another.  He is without a doubt, my biggest confidant and champion and I love him to the moon and back.

Life is good when it is filled to the brim with love. Victories are a little bit sweeter and challenges seem less daunting as part of a team.  For Neal and I, our love story is just getting underway, and I am excited to see the next chapters that are written during our life together.

And to my honey bunny Neal: Thank you your constant love and patience.  You light up my life, make me smile constantly and have me feel that there isn’t anything we can’t achieve together.  You are my whole heart of my hearts.

I can’t wait to see how you answer this love filled prompt.

Found Love. Now What?

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