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Why Hello There! | Blog Everyday in May Day 1

Why hello friends and welcome to Blog Everyday in May! I have to admit to you (since we are friends) I am a bit nervous to take this challenge on. It seems a bit daunting, but I am hoping that the community of bloggers who join in can cheer one another on!

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Today’s prompt is an easy introduction to the challenge, “Introduce yourself.”

My name is Belinda, a 33 year old PNW native now living in North Wales since the summer of 2012. The reason for the big move? To be with Neal, the love of my life who I randomly met in a bar in NYC in September 2010.  Since our fate filled meeting, we were in a long distance relationship until our wedding in May 2012. Life as an expat has been an eye-opening and life changing experience, which I try (my best) to document here on the blog.


When I am not out and about exploring Wales, I work as a project manager for a digital marketing agency in Chester. My job is to oversee our key web projects and clients, keep the team and client happy while making deadlines. It’s challenging and exhausting some days, but I truly love it.


Other fun facts to know:

I graduated from Gonzaga University in 2004, and I am a proud Zag (although living in the UK makes basketball watching difficult!)
I am a sucker for used book shops. I could spend hours scouring the shelves, looking for my next literary treasure.

I love animals, big and small, and if I could own I zoo or an animal sanctuary I would in a heart beat. For now, I gladly accept pup snuggles in the morning to start my day and right before going to bed.


I believe that the quickest way to reduce stress is to dance. I also believe that the quickest way to show joy is to dance. (Essentially, I dance alot!)

I try to live a life centered on love and joy, and not making space or energy for negativity. I am constantly being silly and adding new happiness in my wake.

I love a good strong cup of coffee, is it my roots in Seattle or need for constant energy? Either way, I love me some java!

Oh, I also love to take a weekly silly Friday selfie and today is no excpetion:


I am so thrilled to be launching the Blog Everyday in May challenge and to have you join in! I am hoping it will be a creative challenge as a way to jump start some writing juju!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!  See you tomorrow for the prompt “5 Photos that Tell Your Story”!


Found Love. Now What?

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