Positive Vibes

Find Your Happy. Discover Your Passion.

Have you ever thought about how sometimes we can limit ourselves or be our biggest critic? What we stop big ideas from coming out of our mouths in meetings or hold back passion on a project? When we hold back those moments, we are limiting all that we can do and bring to the world.

Let’s stop limiting ourselves. Let’s stop being our biggest critics. Let’s stop doubt and fear from ruling our next steps.

Instead, let’s live up to our destinies, to our passions and to our greatest desires.

Are you know thinking, “Great idea, but easier said than done Belinda. I have no idea where to start.”

How about by reflecting on what brings you joy and happiness. What feeds your soul? What makes you simply happy?

I believe that when we feel happiness and joy, we are  on a sweet path close to finding our passions. Professionally or personally, both are lead with joy, happiness and simply feeling like a rock star.  For me, I am happiest when I feel like I am making a positive impact, when I am helping others and of course when I out for adventures with Neal.

When we are fueled by joy and happiness, we are more likely to chase our passion and go after our hearts desire. And that, my darlings, is when the magic truly happens.

For this week, let’s keep happiness at the heart to help us get away from doubts and us closer to our passions.  Add simple moments of happiness this week, from fresh air to toes in green grass, the more happiness fuller our hearts will be and we will step towards our passions!

And, for wonderful measure, I thought I would include a quote from the inspiring Nelson Mandela:


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Have an inspired week my loves!


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