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Ways to Have a Good Day

Have you ever thought about the steps to have a good day? How to walk away from the negative energy but building positive energy each day? I’ll admit it, even for myself, it can be tough to always have a little pep in my step.

I do believe that there are steps that each of us can apply to our days that help to create better energies, positive frame of mind and keep us chugging along towards our goals. For me, these include finding a bit of humor during the day, drink plenty of green tea (and water) and hold small little moments of gratitude.  I try to get fresh air, take deep breaths and be on the hunt for good juju moments.

But sometimes, even my tried and tested methods don’t help get me through a rough patch of a day.  That’s why when I stumbled on this list via Pinterest, I got quite exciting.  Here are seven simple steps (some which I already try on a daily basis) to have a great day.


Image via Pinterest

Tell me, what tricks and tips do you have for having a good days as often as possible? As always, I’d love to hear from you friends! Have a wonderful day!


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