High Five for Fridays! Life & Love Pack the Suitcase & Go

Exceptionally British: The Queen, Harry Potter & Old Pubs

Whelp. My apologies for the radio silence over the past week friends. It’s been a manic past week away, starting on Saturday in Oxford and Cotswolds then heading to London. We had a whirlwind few days in London filled with sunshine and thousands and thousands of steps tracked. From Greenwich to Camden Market we covered so many different areas of London beyond Big Ben or Parliament. But all the zipping around on the tube and buses as left me oh so exhausted. But even feeling exhausted is trumped by seeing the Queen in the heart of London or experiencing a stunning organ recital at Westminster Abbey. {Yes, you read that right: the Queen!}



Oh yeah, it’s Friday. And that means one thing: It’s selfie time baby!


{Yes, I will admit that this photo was taken a few days ago in London….but I just had to share it for today’s post!}

Remember the story of the country mouse and the city mouse? And when the country mouse visited the city, he was overwhelmed by the sounds and sights? Yeah, that was me. And I am going to admit something to you, my friends: I am a settled little country mouse. I handled myself fine on the tube, but in the big crowds of people? I became overwhelmed. Our weekend in London only solidified that I truly do belong in the quiet hillsides of Wales. But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the energy and options of London, I did indeed {and can’t wait to return} but I feel much more comfortable with a bit slower pace than the capital city.

I have so much to share with you from our weekend in London, especially since we ventured off the beaten path a bit which always leads to adventures and story-telling! We even had some adventures in the Cotswolds before London, and I can’t wait to return with another weekend away.

 MtDNQ7ejFRRilyWh.jpg{Look at how idyllic this pub looks.  I just want to return for a glass of whisky!}

I have to admit, that this weekend is all about relaxing and resting from our weekend in London. That may or may include watching Harry Potter films, as I was oh-so inspired from the studio tour earlier this week! {Blog post coming soon on the entire tour experience!} 



And, we are also gearing up the packing and moving process for the new home which will be happening in just a few weeks!

Tell me, how was your week? Did you have a challenging, joyful, love filled week? I do hope so! And do you have lovely plans for your weekend? Whatever you do, make it magic my love bugs!


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