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Now, I know that sometimes Valentine’s Day can seem to much. Too much flash and sappiness, for something that is personal and heartfelt. Walking through the stores and seeing the big red and pink hearts seems so commercial. And love, true and wonderful love, is anything but commercial.

Love, just like joy, is contagious. Love is the thing that boosts our hearts after a long day or make us laugh with sheer joy. Love reminds us we are not alone, and that we can face challenges with a cheerleader supports us.

When we make a fuss over love, it lifts our spirits and those around us. And for me, making a fuss over those we love is half the fun of relationships. Romantic, friendships or family…. All relationships are worth making a fuss over. And I don’t care what your relationship status on Facebook may be, remember that you have L-O-V-E in your life. Heart and soul filling love. And that kind of love is the good stuff friends indeed!

And what better quote as we head into a love filled week, than this one:
Spread Love

This week, heading into Valentines’s Day let’s look at sharing more love with those we cross during our day to day life. It could be our co-workers, friends and family afar, your spouse or blogging friends. And of course, I want to share my love with you my sweet and wonderful readers.

Make a point to tell someone how you feel about them, sincerely and honestly. Share the love!

Let’s add a little love and joy this week leading up to Valentine’s Day, and after. I mean, who doesn’t like a little more joy and love?

All my love sweethearts!


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