Positive Vibes

Making Time to Reflect

As I write this post, in real life time, I am snuggled on the couch wearing an oversized sweater poncho and sipping on warmed ginger beer with whisky.  Such winter perfection in a single moment, right?  (And you know what? Feeling cozy and warm is just feels good and right.  Time to take pause, and gathered around with our favorite people.  I like to think that although the nights draw in early, this gives us a chance to just be and reflect.


I know I know… there are a million and one things on the holiday To-Do list, as we lead up to Christmas and New Year festivities.  From wrapping gifts to running out for last minute shopping, but it’s important (in my humble opinion) to carve out time to just be and enjoy.


And how is the idea of slowing down, have to do with our Positivity Monday catchups? Well, everything.  I find that the more we are present in the actual moment, we have the chance to be grateful and a little bit more positive.  This extends in the manic busy Christmas season we are in.

So here are my thoughts as we enter into the heart of the holiday season:

Take a pause to acknowledge when joy is swirling around you or when memory making moments are underway.  Just be. Take mental photos and big deep breaths, and just simply and wonderfully be.


And for me, I will be here. Pecking away at my keyboard, telling stories of life and adventures from the past few weeks. {Well, months really.} That I just haven’t had a chance to write. Not because I have to be or feel like I need to be but because I want to.  So, feel free keep popping back throughout the holidays to catchup and reconnect.

But, before we skip off towards the loveiness of the holiday week I wanted to share a few ideas for sharing the joy from last week’s Positivity Monday post.  Laisa from  The Sunny Side of This left wonderful ideas for creating more joy in our everyday lives.  Here are Laisa’s ideas:

Send a cute text message to someone you love in the most random time of the day. I know it always cheers me up. Get that special treat that your loved one loves just because, cheering on your friends & colleges personal projects, be engaging on the questions, and try to help them out any way you can.

I love these ideas, especially the sending text messages randomly through the day.   How simple is that?

Well, my loves make creating more calm will bring positive and happy hearts as we enter the Christmas season.  Tell me, how are you planning on working in moments of calm and reflection?  As always, I’d love to hear from you.




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