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Laughing with Funny Man Jimmy Fallon

As you all know, laughing out loud is on my short list of things that I love. Now, laughing out loud at Jimmy Fallon, one of America’s most beloved funny guys, is a pretty fun afternoon out in New York City. That’s right, during our trip to NYC we were able to sit in the rehearsal for the Tonight Show opening monologue with Jimmy Fallon. (For free!)

But, I can’t take the credit for this amazingly smart idea. Oh no. My sister Becca researched and signing up for the tickets, plus reminding us of the requirements and the time we needed to arrive. Weeks before the trip, Becca signed up for four tickets and waited for confirmation that we have been selected for the show. And with just about a week to the trip, she received confirmation that the stand by tickets were ours!

Essentially, the Tonight Show has to practice and test the jokes for the opening monologue on a real life studio audience. We arrived the NBC Studios in Rockerfeller Plaza, in early afternoon, around 2pm. We arrived in line, we found out that our tickets were standard, rather than priority, for entrance. This wasn’t too big of a deal really, as we just had to wait twenty minutes for the first group to be checked in. We were then told by the Tonight Show staff to return within the next 30-45 minutes to be lead into the studio.

We came back to the Tonight Show check in were we were briefed by NBC security that we couldn’t have our phones even on at any point moving forward. So phones were turned off, and tucked away. Also, the website told us no large bags because of security, so I simply had my wallet in my hand. And since I didn’t have my phone, no photos inside the studio, hurting my blogger heart a little bit.

And then we waited (and waited), and finally lead through security to one of the elevators right to the floor with the studio 6A. When the entire group arrived, we were greeted by one of the writers of the Tonight Show. Her introduction to the show and the monologue rehearsal was highlight for all of us. She was funny, quirky and explained the importance of the rehearsal. Essentially, for 20 minutes Jimmy Fallon would test joke after joke, to perfect the monologue for that evening’s show. We would hear all of the jokes, and depending on the reaction they would be included in the show or not. We were encouraged to laugh big and loud, to help the writers to determine if they should keep a joke or not. How fun is that?

The group of 45 were lead into the freezing studio (they have to keep the temperature down to prevent makeup melting!) and there was Jimmy Fallon, hanging out at his desk with some of his team of writers. He hopped from behind the desk, warmly greeted the group and jumped right into monologue for the Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon stood on his mark, reading jokes and making notes on his script with a big Sharpie.

And guys, let me tell you…. I laughed out loud. I really did. My sister earned gold stars from me for coming up with the idea! And I’ll be honest, I developed a bit of a celebrity crush on Jimmy! (Don’t tell Neal!) We were in the studio for a good 20-30 minutes, and as we were leaving the audience for the actual show were filing into the studio. I had a smile plastered on my face for the rest of the day for sure!

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2014-11-17 16.05.39 - Copy

If you are heading to New York, look into joining a taping of a show. It was amazing to see the production of a show viewed by millions of people each and every day.

Check out all the details andย information on getting tickets for the rehearsal of the monologue for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon here.

What comedian would you love to see for 20-30 minutes? Are there any other Jimmy Fallon fans out there?


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