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Taking on a Mountain of an Obstacle {And Feeling Really Good About it!}

Have you ever looked at an obstacle and questioned if you could tackle it? I mean, a real physical obstacle? Well, a few weeks ago I had the idea to take a local walk up one of the Welsh hills, at the top sits a medieval castle called Dinas Bran. This walk (closer to a hike) is something that we have talked about doing since I moved to the UK in 2012. On a bright sunny Sunday, we decided it was a perfect day to give it a tackle.

Now this was a good idea in theory, but as we really got underway with our walk I wondered if I took on too much. The grade of the hill was too steep, the path was too muddy and I couldn’t catch my breath. I was overwhelmed, and thinking how silly the idea of the outing was.

2014-11-02 11.47.59

I finally got to a point when I could take a break, where there was a little bench and all, and I finally  caught my breath. Neal turned to me, and asked if I wanted to stop and turn back. And my reply, was an out of breath, “No, that would be stupid. We’ve come this far.”

So, I pulled up my bootstraps and ventured on. Step after step, bit by bit we finally made it to the top. And let me tell you the views and vistas was worth the mud and being out of breath for a short period of time.

I mean really, look at these views:

2014-11-02 11.52.38 2014-11-02 11.53.33
And then, I took a deep breath and I sighed. There I was sitting in the sunshine, with Neal and Freddy, after tackling a challenge and obstacle set before me among a medieval castle. And really, could I ask for anything else? Nope, not really.

2014-11-02 11.49.29

2014-11-02 12.08.53

A selfie at the top of the hill, whoop whoop!

2014-11-02 12.12.23
How amazing does this spot look?
2014-11-02 12.12.36 - Copy


Taking on new challenges can be an amazing chance to find what we are made of.  To stretch our legs and get our hearts beating.  To feel a bit of fear or anxiety or have an “oh shit” moment.   And as silly as it sounds, challenges make us feel alive.

With this in mind, I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you all! I have accepted a new role in my current agency, as a Key Account Manager for our large scale web projects.  I will be working with different members of our team, overseeing multiple projects and more. This is a big shift in responsibility and challenges, but I am really excited to climb this new professional mountain step-by-step.

So, here’s to taking on new challenges ! Wishing you all a few new challenges and obstacles to stretch our legs and find what we are made of.

Hugs and love my kittens!


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