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Positivity Monday: Say Thanks

Hello my little love drops and welcome to another installment of Positivity Monday! I was so wonderfully bowled over by the positive response for this new series. I love the idea of sharing positive juju and good wishes, as a way to kick off our week on the right foot.

This week for Positivity Monday, I am actually inspired by a moment that I had a work last week. You see, I made mistake and I didn’t know how to fix it, and of course I felt stressed and responsible. It was a technical website error, and I was way out of my league. I asked one of my coworkers to help me solve the problem. Within a fifteen minutes, he had come up with a solution to a problem that was giving me so much stress.

As a way to say thanks, I zipped out on lunch and grabbed a few thank you treats to show my gratitude for his help. And when I gave him my treats of £4 his simple response was, “Belinda, this just made my day.”

Well, I’ll be. My simple gesture of thanks made someone else’s day. And brightening my coworkers day by saying thanks created more positive energy for myself and others. It as an amazing and simple domino effect!

So for this week, let’s all try to say thank you {a sincere and heartfelt thank you} to someone this week. Maybe with a cup of coffee, a fun note on a Post-It or a lunch time treat. Saying thanks can create a ripple of positive energy, give it a try! I can’t wait to hear your stories next week!

Have a magical filled Monday my hearts!


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  • The Thank you car/gift is a lost art. What a great idea! I’ve been meaning to send a thank you card and gift to my son’s Nursery teachers. They’ve gone above and beyond so far this year and I want them to know how grateful we are. I’ll grab something today and give it to them tomorrow! Thanks for the reminder!

    • Oh, I am so glad to hear that this post help to remind you to organize a little thank you for your son’s nursery teachers. How wonderful!!

  • I agree that saying thanks is so simple but so impactful.

    • Sometimes we forget how far a simple thank you can go, right? It has a pretty big impact for sure!

  • A thank you can always make my day, such a wonderful story!

    • Yes indeed! I have to admit, I forgot how powerful a simple thank you can be! Such a great domino effect! 😀

  • I love this! Also, can I say how much I love how you start every post on such a positive note? I notice every time and it makes me smile, and I always appreciate it. 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, thank you for saying that!! I always try to kick off each post with a bit of joy and happiness. Thank you for letting me know, that made my day!