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Announcing Positivity Mondays: Let’s Lift Our Weeks!

Positivity Monday
I have been thinking or quite sometime about this lovely blog, and what I can do to expand ideas that I share here.  Over the past few months, I have been called a positive blogger by both readers and fellow bloggers. {Thank you! Oh so sweet off you say!} Then, in my Ask Me Anything session a few weeks back, Lauren asked me how I stay upbeat and positive.  That question, plus the feedback from my readers, got me thinking about the importance of positivity and sharing my musings with others.


With that in mind, I have decided to launch Positivity Mondays, a weekly session where I will share musings and inspiration for lift our hearts and start our week on a positive step.  Not only will I be sharing my thoughts and musings, but I will look for your feedback too.  If you have seen an uplifting story, blog post or video e-mail it to me, Tweet it or leave it in the comments! {I will be sure to give you a little shout out in upcoming weeks for suggesting a story!}




For today, as the first Positivity Monday post, I thought I would chat about creating a habit of being positive.  For me, I have always believed that positivity isn’t something you are, it’s something that is practiced.  Day in, day out.  It’s a habit that is built, over time like eating healthy or exercising.  Bit by bit, small and mindful steps can lead to a greater positive outlook on life.


As a way to begin to build the habit more of a positive outlook, (starting now) is to  create simple reminders in your phone.  Have the reminders ping you a few times a day with a simple reminder like, “Look for the positive.” Then, take a moment and collect your positive juju.  Make a note in a simple notebook or on an Evernote note.  As you gather these notes, your list for positive moments will grow and grow!


Give it a try, and let me know how it works! Tell me, how do you build the habit of positive thinking?  As always, I look forward to hear from  you!



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