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Announcing Positivity Mondays: Let’s Lift Our Weeks!

Positivity Monday
I have been thinking or quite sometime about this lovely blog, and what I can do to expand ideas that I share here.  Over the past few months, I have been called a positive blogger by both readers and fellow bloggers. {Thank you! Oh so sweet off you say!} Then, in my Ask Me Anything session a few weeks back, Lauren asked me how I stay upbeat and positive.  That question, plus the feedback from my readers, got me thinking about the importance of positivity and sharing my musings with others.


With that in mind, I have decided to launch Positivity Mondays, a weekly session where I will share musings and inspiration for lift our hearts and start our week on a positive step.  Not only will I be sharing my thoughts and musings, but I will look for your feedback too.  If you have seen an uplifting story, blog post or video e-mail it to me, Tweet it or leave it in the comments! {I will be sure to give you a little shout out in upcoming weeks for suggesting a story!}




For today, as the first Positivity Monday post, I thought I would chat about creating a habit of being positive.  For me, I have always believed that positivity isn’t something you are, it’s something that is practiced.  Day in, day out.  It’s a habit that is built, over time like eating healthy or exercising.  Bit by bit, small and mindful steps can lead to a greater positive outlook on life.


As a way to begin to build the habit more of a positive outlook, (starting now) is to  create simple reminders in your phone.  Have the reminders ping you a few times a day with a simple reminder like, “Look for the positive.” Then, take a moment and collect your positive juju.  Make a note in a simple notebook or on an Evernote note.  As you gather these notes, your list for positive moments will grow and grow!


Give it a try, and let me know how it works! Tell me, how do you build the habit of positive thinking?  As always, I look forward to hear from  you!



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  • Very good post series idea. I am an American expat in the UK as well, been following your blog for a few months now!

    • Hooray! Always happy to “meet” fellow American expats in the British Isles! Thanks for saying hi!

  • A positive Monday sounds like an excellent way to start off the week!

    • Oh wonderful! Hop back next week for another installment! 😀

  • Great idea! Throughout my life, I never have understood why everyone was always so down on Mondays. Sure you have to go back to work (usually) but you also got two days off… shouldn’t you be in a good mood? 🙂 In my opinion, there really is no alternative besides thinking or seeing something as positively as you can.

    • Yes! Absolutely! I think this series could be a fun way to create good positive juju between ourselves! Yippee!

  • I am excited about this! I agree that it is an acquired skill and so easy to let slip!

    • Ah, thanks Bailie! I am really excited for this series…. it should be a wonderful way to share some good juju, and keep a positive spirit! 🙂

  • What a lovely idea! I’m sure we could all use more positivity… especially on Mondays 🙂

    • No kidding, right? Hopefully together we can create a positive spot where we can go for a bit of a mood pick me up, no matter what day of the week it is!

  • What a great idea! I have a tendency toward pessimism, so I have to consciously work at being positive. I would love a little jump start to start the week off right!

  • Oh, I love that tip! Seems like a super easy way to remind yourself to think more positive thoughts! Gonna give it a go this week and love this new series! 🙂

  • One of the reasons I read every one of your posts is because you are so positive and I always love your enthusiasm for the places you visit to your Fridays and now you’ve got another great idea! I’m so glad you shared this with us. We all have our phones on is so what a great place to put a reminder to look out for the positive. Sometimes it’s hard to see it but if you there are always great things happening around us and to us. We just need to keep a look out for them and be open to them.
    Happy Monday!

  • I’m just loving this idea. Lord only knows I could use some positive thoughts in my life! I really adore your tip of reminding ourselves to take note of the good and positive things throughout the day and writing them down. Maybe that way a more positive mind set will become a little bit more naturally to me.

    Thank you for posting this, can’t wait for next Monday!

  • I totally agree, positivity is something that has to be practiced. You must have been practicing all your life. Thanks for the shout out!!

  • Oh and I wanted to tell you about the happier app. It’s just called “happier” and it’s an app with the sole purpose to spread positivity. And it reminds you each day to write down something positive. And then you can read other people’s positive things and it’s such a great app!!