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A Revelation on Love at Neist Point Lighthouse in Scotland

After driving for hours through twisty and windy roads of the Isle of Skye, we arrived at the Neist Point Lighthouse. From the beginning, reaching the lightouse was always the aim for the day. The remote location and the vistas made the trip worth while. Of course, the bright blue skies and big fluffy clouds made the drive even more lovely.

Neist Point Lighthouse_Scotland_1 Neist Point Lighthouse_Scotland_5

I stepped out of the car at Neist Point Lighthouse, and I was greeted with wind. And not a whisper of wind, gusts and gusts of wind. To make it to the lighthouse, we had to trek down tricky and very steep steps made even more challenging with the gusts of wind swirling around. Step by step, bit by bit, I carefully made my way down the even plateau and path towards the lighthouse.

The horrible and tricky steps to the lighthouse.

The horrible and tricky steps to the lighthouse.

On the point, we were surrounded by steep seaside cliffs on every side including the steep path we had trekked down. The views we breathtaking, and I was trying to capture photos as best as I could while keeping my balance as the wind whipped around me. Then Neal asked to borrow the DSLR and edge closer to the cliffside to snap pictures of the views. As I handed over the camera, and I watched Neal approach the cliff I had a complete panic attack.

The wind was to forceful. The cliffs were to sheer. There was no barricade to the drop off. And there was my Neal, the love of my life, walking closer and closer the cliff’s edge. I was nervous beyond words, the anxiety was all consuming. I was in tears. I couldn’t breathe.

I had a swirl of thoughts running through my head, “What if something happened to him? What if there was a gust of wind or an accident?”

There in the middle of nowhere, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland I realized that Neal is the heart of my world. He is the apple of my eye. Essentially, he is my all and everything. And in the moment, I couldn’t imagine my life without him there next to me. {So, there’s a positive side effect for having a panic attack while in Scotland.}

Neist Point Lighthouse_Scotland_7

These are the now infamous snapshots Neal took near the cliff’s edge.

Neist Point Lighthouse_Scotland_10 Neist Point Lighthouse_Scotland_4

My sweet Neal taking in the views…

Neal at Neist Point Lighthouse_Scotland

After I recovered, and Neal successfully ventured for a few photographs, we trekked just a bit further to the view with the Neist Point Lighthouse.

Neist Point Lighthouse_Scotland_12

The Neist Point Lighthouse was originally built in 1909, and was so remote I could hardly imagine living there now let alone 100 years ago. Yet again, Scotland had me feeling oh-so small in the world, and appreciative of the scale of the incredible views.

A visit to this remote and century old lighthouse gave me more than I expected while reminding me of my love for Neal, while feeling disconnected to technology while keeping connected to the absolute love of my life.

We headed back to Fort Williams right after the visiting the Neist Point Lighthouse and you know what? As luck would have it it began raining five minutes from our hotel in Fort Williams. Β How beyond lucky were we?


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