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Mystical and Overwhelming Istanbul: A Fave Travel Spot

One of the questions I was asked during my “Ask Me Anything” session was by Casey who wanted to know where my favorite place I have traveled to.  Which had me scrolling through the different travel memories, including two years of working on a cruise ship.  At first I thought it would be a tricky question to answer, after visiting numerous cities across the globe, but then one city instantly came to my mind: Istanbul.


I had the chance to visit Istanbul in 2007 during one of my cruise ship contracts for one day. I will tell you, one day is not enough in this dynamic and interesting city.  It was a juxtaposition between Roman and Ottoman buildings, blends of bright tiles, colorful spices in the market and details for the eyes to feast on.  I was in love.


At the same time, I was out of my comfort zone in a new place and space than what I am used to. There was a moment when I was standing among Turkish shops and all of a sudden the call to worship rang in the air.  In that moment, I felt very much out of my Western element, and in an unfamiliar territory.  I was also reminded to be constantly aware and respectful of the cultural beliefs, as an outsider visitor.
Taking selfies before they were cool.

Taking selfies before they were cool.

Istanbul was a swirl of sights, sounds and colors that left me speechless and craving more.  Even seven years later, I am still reliving the short time I spent in Istanbul, and I am excited to travel there again this time with Neal!

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