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Mesmerizing and Legendary Isle of Skye

{This is my first of two post on the Isle of Skye, and I have to let you know that there are plenty of photos coming your way! I just couldn’t decide which photo to post! Snag a cup of coffee or tea, and I hope you enjoy the stroll through the Isle of Skye.}

After we had a little stop at Eilean Donan Castle, we headed out to the world famous Isle of Skye. Yes, we had only just made it to the Isle of Skye, after about 2 1 /2 hours of driving from Fort William. Neal was an all star for doing all the driving that day, as it was a lot of driving for sure.

I’ll be honest, I had been looking forward to see the Isle of Skye for weeks and I had finally made it to this incredible special place. To make it even more memorable and breath taking, we were lucky enough to have bright blue skies and big fluffy clouds.

Isle of Skye_Scotland_1

Isle of Skye_Scotland_2 Isle of Skye_Scotland_3

As we weaved through the narrow lanes near with breathtaking views, I saw first hand the magic and the lure of the Isle of Skye The mountains seemed never endless and the fields were bright green with Highland cows and sheep.

Isle of Skye_Scotland_6

800X533 (13)

Even as I write this post now, I have a difficult time describing how beautiful and awe-inspiring the Isle of Skye was. Simply put, just like at Loch Lommond, the Isle of Skye made me feel wonderfully small and kept me feeling in awe. I was in love. I was a smitten kitten. I was in my oh-so happy place.

Isle of Skye_Scotland_4 Isle of Skye_Scotland_5 Isle of Skye_Scotland_9

Our aim for the Isle of Skye adventures was to head out to Neist Point Lighthouse, which has similar rock formations similar to the Giant’s Causeway. As we got closer and closer to the lighthouse, the roads became more and more narrower, heading into the middle of nowhere. As we drove, there were no shops or cafés, petrol stations or grocery stations. Yes, the middle of nowhere. And that made it even more memorable and nearly dream-like.

Isle of Skye_Scotland_12


Isle of Skye is an incredibly special and mesmerizing place.

I can’t wait to show you the images from the Neist Point Lighthouse, and the very personal revelation that I had about love and marriage.


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