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A Hollywood Moment in Scottish Highlands

Now, it shouldn’t surprised you guys that as we were driving through the Scottish Highlands, on our way to the Isle of Skye venturing towards Neist Point Lighthouse, that I was referring to my guide book as we drove along.  I have to admit, we were literally in the middle of nowwhere.  There were no towns or noteable sights, just some quiet fishing villages set along lovely Scottish lochs.

Well, there was one sight on our route: Eilean Donan Castle.  In the guide book, the notable fact on Eilean Donan Castle is that it is one of the most photographed castles in all of Scotland.  The first time I spotted the castle, I understood why. Sitting on an isolated island in the middle of lochs and valleys, the castle in beyond stunning.

Eilean Donan Castle_Scotland_1

A castle has been on this site since the 13th century, which is nearly impossible for me to understand.  Essentially, there was a castle on this site for 400 years before America got underway. What!?! Sometimes. actually so many times, my brain is scrambled by historical significance of the places I am visiting. And this is a perfect example!

As I was researching Eilean Donan Castle a little bit more for this post, I discovered that the castle has been featured in both television and movies.  Of the list, I spotted Maid of Honor the quirky romantic comedy with Patrick Dempsey.  The minute I spotted this, I turned off the computer to crawl into bed with Netflix.  And sure enough, there was the castle! Here is the clip of the movie as they were arriving at the Eilean Donan Castle.

I loved rewatching the movie, it reminded me how truly stunning Scotland is.   If you are having some hankering to visit the Scottish Highlands,  watch that flick the next movie night!

Eilean Donan Castle_Scotland_3

Up next, we finally arrive to the Isle of Skye enroute to the Neist Point Lighthouse.  I hope you are enjoying these small little morsels from the Scottish Highlands!  It has been fun to dive back into our adventures, and share the stories bit by bit!





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