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A Castle Filled with Unicorns: Stirling Castle

After our visit to Linlithgow Palace, we heading out to the world famous Stirling Castle about less than 30 minutes away.  Now, Stirling Castle is also another location on Historic Scotland’s Explorer Pass; making the Explorer Pass an excellent option for anyone who is looking to spend time in Scotland.

Stirling Castle,similar to Edinburgh Castle, is located on a imposing rock which can be seen from a distance as you approach, especially as part of the castle is a bright bright yellow.  {The castle literally cannot be missed.}  Walking to the castle from the car park, I turned to see some of the most breathtaking views featuring the Wallace Monument, which made me snap the camera away.
800X533 (1)
{I mean really, with views like this can you blame me for stopping and snapping a picture?}
The castle is from the 16th century and has undergone modern improvements and restorations which makes it a very different experience than Linlithgow Palace.  There were restored paintings, tapestries and lovely stained glass throughout Stirling Castle, which are details I always swoon over.
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{fun fact: Unicorns are a symbol of Scottish royalty and you can spot them all around the castle!}
I also loved the stone carvings throughout the castle, which had images from nature, animals and saints.
800X533 (9) 800X533 (8)
And it never hurts to take five minutes to pretend to be royalty, right?
800X533 (7)
We spent just about 1 hour at Stirling Castle, which allowed us to explore the grounds right before the rain started to sprinkle. {perfect timing!} I would recommend Stirling Castle to anyone who is visiting Scotland as it is filled with history, but not nearly as busy as Edinburgh Castle!
And really, to explore a castle as lovely as this one I wouldn’t mind if there were crowds!
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What about you?  Have you ever visited Stirling Castle? What did you think?  Or have you know added this Scottish castle onto your travel plan?
Up next in our Scottish adventures is our drive through Loch Lommand.

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