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An Unexpected Medieval Find : Linlithgow Palace

Our adventures in Scotland began over breakfast.  No, really.  I firmly believe that exploring the rugged terrain of any country, especially one like Scotland, are best with a hearty breakfast.  And in this case, breakfast from Craigies, a farm shop located just outside of Edinburgh.  This spot is amazing: part farm, part café, part pick your own fruits… essentially it is farm to table in one fell swoop. Neal and I decided to start our first day with an authentic breakfast, which of course included coffee plus travel planning.

While we were eating breakfast, we began to look into the spots on the Explorer Pass as part of Historic Scotland that we recommended our friends Bridget and Scott to buy.  You see, both Stirling and Edinburgh Castle is included for £28, that alone is a fantastic deal.  But, Neal was hunting the map to see if there were any other locations near by that we could visit before we headed to Stirling.

That’s when Neal came across Linlithgow Palace, a medieval palace just a mere 20 minutes away and was begging to for us to explore. Once we arrived, I was so glad that we made the little detour.  The castle reminded me of the exposed castles in Wales, with rugged walls and weather beaten towers… Neal and I felt right at home. {Even as I type that, I realize how strange that sounds.}  Linlithgow Palace was the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots …. so there is a fun historical fact for you all.  My favorite part had to have been the intricate fountain, the literal centerpiece in the courtyard, which has survived all of these years.


Fountain at Linlithgow Palace_Scotland


We explored nooks and crannies, and climbed the tallest tower for the views.  And although the heights scared me just a bit, I was glad we made the climb … the views were simply lovely!

Linlithgow Palace_Scotland_2

Linlithgow Palace_Scotland_1

After climbing the tower, and being considerably out of breath, we explored the rest of the castle from the kitchens, royal apartments plus the Great Hall. And just to prove the mammoth scale of how great the fireplace was in the Great Hall, I just had to stand near it with Neal all the way at the other end. {woah. that’s a big fireplace.  could you imagine s’mores there?}

Linlithgow Scotland

Overall, we were at Linlithgow Palace for about 45 minutes which was just a perfect amount of time.  We explored nearly the entire castle, and I felt that it was a fantastic start to our Scottish adventures.  This is especially true as Stirling and Edinburgh Castles are restored and a bit “modern”, but at Linlithgow Palace the exterior was rough and reflected the age and scale of the spot beautifully. As a castle fanatic, I would recommend to anyone in the area!  In fact, Neal rated it as one of his favorite spots and that my friends is saying something.

800X533 (6)

From Linlithgow Palace we headed to Stirling Castle, but that my loves is for another post!  Stay tuned for more Scottish adventures!



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