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Revisiting Magical Penrhyn Castle

You know when you return to a spot, and you hope it is a good as you remembered it?  For me, it is the swoon worthy and memorable Penryhn Castle in Bangor, North Wales. Since we visited Penryhn last September, all I could talk about was the next time we could visit, and stroll the stunning grounds.  A few weeks ago, we finally returned to Penrhyn Castle to explore the grounds, and I have to admit that I was thrilled that it was all I remembered it to be.

Penrhyn Castle Exterior

The amazing thing about Penrhyn Castle is that the current building wasn’t actually a castle, instead it was the home of the Pennant family who built their fortunes on sugar and slate. In fact, Penrhyn is considered one of the great “mock” castles in Britain. {Mock castle, how great is that?}

The exterior of Penrhyn Castle is imposing and dominates the skyline. The exterior of Penryhn can be spotted as you zoom down the dual carriageway, and I can only imagine what it must have been like to arrive in a classic motorcar {think Downton Abbey} for a lush dinner party or event, over a hundred years ago. {Have I told you that I have an overactive imagination?}

By far, my favorite part of the interior of Penrhyn Castle has to be the intricate details, which are everywhere.  Tiled floors, stained glass and wood carvings sparkle, but the most mesmerizing is the hand crafted stone carvings….especially in the Grand Staircase.  The Grand Staircase is at the heart of the house, and took ten years to complete.  Climbing up the staircase, you can’t help to be inspired by the level of detail. There are carvings of animals, fruits, vines, grapes and more making the staircase an incredibly special spot.

800X533 (6)

The grand staircase in its glory…800X533 (2)

800X533 (7)

Of course, Penrhyn is filled will classic decor, having me crave for a spot of tea!

IMG_7463_v1800X533 (5)

800X533 (4) 800X533 (9)

Can you see how this is one of my fave spots we have visited to?  I love the details and just how special Penrhyn truly is. Essentially, while visiting I was one happy jellybean!

Know Before You Go:

  • Penryhn Castle is a National Trust property, located in Bangor about 1 hr 45 minutes via car.
  • The main house is only open seasonally, so check opening times before you head out to Penryhn.
  • Photography is allow within the house, just no flash photography.

Happy Wednesday my loves!


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