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5 Favorite Spots in Chester, England

I am lucky enough to hop on a bus, and cross the Wales-England border to head to work. The heart of the city center is the stunning background of my Friday selfies: with classic architecture, cathedrals and of course the oh-so British telephone booths and post boxes. I’ve been working in Chester for nearly two years, and sometimes I can forget how special Chester is. But then, I am out and about on my lunch and I spot tourists. Snapping photos of the iconic city, popping into shops and having wide-eye over the loviness of the city. And when I see the tourists, I am reminded that this is a destination and very special spot.

I thought it would be fun to share my five favorite spots in Chester, some pretty well known while others are secret from me to you. If you are planning a visit to the historic city of Chester, make sure to bookmark this post for future reference!

Stroll the Roman Walls

The history of the City of Chester dates back to when the Romans occupied much of the city. In fact, much of the Roman walls that surrounded the original perimeter is still in tact. Taking a stroll on the walls gives you some stunning views of the city with a birds eye perspective. I also love that you can see some special spots in and around the city by strolling along the walls. It takes between 30-45 minutes to walk the entire circuit of the walls, while spotting my favorite spots along the way!
Price: Free


Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral

The stunning Chester Cathedral is in the heart of the city, and shouldn’t be missed. With its unique pink sandstone exterior and glorious stained glass, the cathedral is wonderfully special spot. I love strolling through the calm of the interior of the cathedral, marveling at the scale of the beautiful space… I also love how the cathedral grounds become a meeting point in spring and summer. Picnics and coffee breaks abound on the grounds, making it feel like the true heart of Chester.

Price: Free

More info visit Chester Cathedral website


Chester Clock

Chester Clock

Along the Roman walls, you will discover the one-of-a-kind Chester Clock. The design is stunningly ornate, with gold guild, scroll work and beautiful details. It’s so lovely that it is the second most photographed clock in all of the UK. {Second of course to Big Ben in London.} The clock itself is iconic, and cannot be missed if visiting the City of Chester.


Albion Pub


From the Chester Clock, keep on the Roman Walls and you will discover one of the best {and most special} little pub in Chester, The Albion Pub. This remarkable little spot is about as authentic of a British pub as you can get. The menu changes daily with locally sourced products, the bar is stocked with perfect British drinks. Oh, you can also get a beautiful tea service, with cakes and all. The best part? The dรฉcor is authentic from the Great War (1914-1918), so stepping into the pub feels like a time machine. It is wonderfully authentic, and it is one of may favorite spots in Chester.

Tip: Make sure to have cash, as no debit or credit cards are accepted at the bar.

More info, check out the Albion Inn website.


Explore the Historic City Center

Chester City
Once you have walked the Roman walls around the perimeter of the city, be sure to enjoy taking a stroll throughout the heart of the historic city center. With classic tudor style buildings, lovely cafes and shops.. it is easy to spend an afternoon exploring and snapping photos.


There you go my loves! Little tips from me to you on visiting the charming and historic City of Chester! Tell me, have you visited? What was your favorite sight or experience? I’d love to hear from you!


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