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Ending My Week with an Ode to George

Whelp, hello my loves. And I have to admit, this Friday couldn’t get here soon enough. This week, in short, has kicked my ass… plain and simple. For that reason alone, I am smiling this Friday morning…
{And with sort of crazy eyes, if you ask me…}

I feel exhausted and slightly over extended in work, which has left me feeling drained.  On top of it, on Wednesday morning I woke up to a slew of text messages from my sister and Mom about our 12 year old dog George.  The news wasn’t good, and they were planning on putting him to sleep the following day.  I headed into work stressed and with a heavy heart on Wednesday.  I felt stretched, emotionally drained and wishing there was a way to transport myself home to get in one last snuggle. {one can dream, right?} I was distracted to say the least.



Then all of a sudden a project that I thought I had under control became somewhat out of control.  There I sat at my desk, overwhelmed and sad…and the tears eventually flowed. {real professional, I know…}

The amazing part, is the love and rally that my co-workers immediately gave me.  Some helped with the organize the pitch, others drew hearts of Post-It notes and some handed tissues.  All of it, helped me to gather my thoughts, distress a bit and focus on what I needed to handle.

I am not going to lie, the support and love rebalanced my heart 100 times over. I am very very grateful to have this amazing network loving and caring co-workers… makes all the difference!

After my super stressful Wednesday, I had the chance to call home after my Mom & Dad had gotten back from the vet.  Mom, although teary, seemed at peace with letting him go as he wasn’t uncomfortable anymore.  And really, that’s what is important.   My Mom commented that getting George as one of the best things we had ever done.


Which, after thinking, she couldn’t be more right. And we were so lucky to have found him.  We adopted George from the local Human Society October 2004, so we were lucky to have this gentle giant in our family for nearly ten years.  Over those ten years, he taught me lessons worth taking note of:

George gave us unconditional l-o-v-e, without judgment or hesitation.
Lesson: Love more. Love bigger.  Love without judgment.
George loved and welcomed adventure, from beach walks to new trails… his wagging tail was there.
Lesson: Seek adventure and new experiences to keep life vibrant
George appreciated a good nap.
Lesson: Rest when you need to.  If you are tired, recharge those batteries for the next adventure.
George got excited over water bottles.
Lesson: Find joy in the simple things in life.
George always greeted us as though we were the most important person in the world.
Lesson: Show emotion! Get excited! Jump for joy!
George would be a shadow to us, especially to Mom.  In fact, he saved my Mom from a random snake a few weeks ago!
Lesson: Loyalty is a great and valuable virtue.  Being loyal to those you love will always being rewarding.

I could go on and on about how wonderful George was for our family.  He really was a beyond wonderful member of our family.  So, if you have a furry friend {dog, cat, rabbit, sheep.. you get the idea}, give them a little extra snuggle in honor of our George.  If you are thinking of getting a furry family member to call your own, consider heading to your local animal shelter.  Sure, sometimes shelter pups may need extra love and attention to begin with, but they will give you undying love out of appreciation. Keep it in mind the next time you think of adding a furry member to your family.

So, rest in peace sweet Georgie porgie.  You were greatly loved, and will be missed.  Thank you for the love and lessons.

For us, this weekend doesn’t have many big plans… just resting as much as possible to recover from an ass-kicking week.

What are your plans for the weekend? Whatever you do, make it lovely and divine!


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