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Heartfelt & Wanderlusting: Q&A Session with True Colours

I’ve mentioned this before, one of my favorite things about blogging is connecting with bloggers from around the world. Bloggers with big hearts, big dreams and big passions. These are the bloggers that inspire me to stay connected, to keep on writing and engaging with the big old world of blogging. Today, I am beyond thrilled to have one of those bloggers, Casey from True Colours, with a lovely little Q&A session.

Casey is a heartfelt travel blogger, who has been to swoon worthy destinations like Iceland and India. She has a serious soft spot {aka a big old crush} on the City of Lights Paris. I love how Casey translates her travel experiences in honest and down-to-earth reviews and itineraries. She is my go-to travel blogger, as her archives are extensive and simply fab.Grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfy while you get to meet the oh-so lovely Casey of True Colours, with a fun little Q&A session!



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1. What stamp in your passport is your favorite and why?
Probably our stamps and visas for India are my favorite, it’s the most exotic location we’ve been to recently and I love reminiscing about that amazing trip.

2. Is there a small talisman that you bring home with you after each journey?
We try to pick up little things while we travel that remind of where we’ve been and have them scattered around our apartment. We can’t bring too big of items home since we only travel with carry-ons, but some of my favorites include a small wooden elephant from India, Eiffel Tower keychains from Paris and a silver Moroccan tea pot.

Moroccan teapots

3. You and Nick have traveled to the far corners of the earth, from Iceland to India. Tell us, what is left on your travel bucket list?
So so much is left! I feel like the more we see, the more we want to see! Currently, I’m craving trips to a few places. Spain is high up there and we recently booked our tickets for March to explore the country and taste the wonderful food. I’m also dying to get to Petra in Jordan, Istanbul, safari in Africa and exploring the crazy streets of Tokyo and Hong Kong.

4. You give plenty of tips for traveling internationally on your blog. What is one tip you would want to make sure that any first time international traveler knows?
I think the most important thing is to be open minded. You can bring all sorts of things with you or have every minute of the trip planned out, but if you’re not willing to open your eyes to how people live in different parts of the world and accept that every culture is different, there really is no point in traveling.

St. Andrews sunset

5. What item is always in your carry on?
A scarf is a major item that I always bring. I get cold easily, so I wrap myself in scarves on the plane. I also always have my iPhone, my Macbook Air and a good book.

6. On your blog, it’s quick to find that you have a whole lot of love for Paris. What would your perfect 24 hours look like in the City of Light?
Paris, oh Paris. I fell in love with her long ago and the love affair has only blossomed since. My perfect 24 hours would be having a croissant from Maison Martin on the Ile St. Louis, watching people go by in the Jardin du Luxembourg, lunch at Le Petit Pont taking in the splendid views of Notre Dame across the Seine, then a wander over to the Right Bank and grabbing macarons from Laduree. I’d spend my afternoon in the Musee D’Orsay and then finish the day at dinner as the sun sets at the Cafe St. Regis.


7 . What is one thing you love about blogging?
I love the connections I’ve made and the people I’ve been able to meet, some even in person like yours truly (Belinda). It’s opened a lot of doors I never even thought about going through before.

8. Not only do you travel all around the world, you see so much of America too. What American adventure do you see on your horizon?
Right now, we don’t have anything definitive planned for America trips, but we try to see as much our own country as we can every year as well as traveling abroad. I’m really hoping to get to the Red Rocks of Arizona, experience the South in Savannah, Georgia and explore more of the East Coast next year!

9. Give me a few of your favorite, not to miss spots in Portland. I need to make a list for the next time Neal and I visit!
Portland is such a fantastic city to call home and there are so many amazing things to do here. Nick and I are big foodies, so here’s some of not to miss food spots in Portland: Andina (amazing Peruvian food), Piazza Italia (feels like you’re in Italy), St. Jack (makes me feel like I’m in Paris), Ataula (for a taste of Spain) and ice cream at Cool Moon (their buttermilk with marionberry is not to miss!).

Portland (1)

10. Where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration in my travels, in places, in buildings and in how certain cities make me feel. I love just picking a spot somewhere and watching the world go by, seeing people all around the world live and laugh and love just like we do, that brings me a huge amount of inspiration and pushes me to keep traveling!

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If you have any traveling planned {or dreaming of travels} in the next few weeks or months, make sure to visit Casey’s wonderful travel blog.  She is filled with practical travel advice, and swoon worthy photography. Casey is a gem of the blogging world!

Hope this lends a bit of travel inspiration for you, especially as you dive in to Casey’s wonderful travel archives.





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