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Love, Marriage and Passports {Thoughts on Travel & Marriage}

Well, hello my little kitten hearts! I have to admit, sometimes, I read a blog post from a fellow blogger and I love the idea and topic. I am inspired to write something similar, from my own perspective {while giving credit, of course}. Today’s post, is inspired by one of my favourite all-around travel bloggers, Casey from True Colours. Casey’s post on how travel has impacted her marriage was posted in January. {Yes, nearly seven months ago.} The idea of writing my own post has been sitting in the pending post folders for far too long. I decided to share a few thoughts and musings on love and marriage, and how travel has transformed Neal and I’s relationship.

The idea of travel and marriage, and marriage and travel is so interlinked for us. As you may remember, our first trip was a mere ten days after our wedding. So for me, our marriage has always been interlinked with our passports. For any international trip, in one hand is my passport and the other is my marriage certificate just in case customs and immigration asks for proof. The interlinked between travel and marriage becomes even more evident as we progress through my visa process for a SET(M) or an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) visa. I thought I would share a few musings and lessons on our marriage learned from travel.

Lean on Each Other’s Strengths

Neal and I each have different strengths but this becomes especially true when we are getting ready to travel. For example, Neal handles all of the “tech prep” for our big international trips from wires to charges to adapters, Neal organizes them all. Plus, he is always on the look out for gadgets and gizmos that help to keep all of our tech goodies charged and ready to go. Sounds small, but it makes a big difference when traveling: having gadgets fully charged.

I like to think that I bring my crazy planning skills to the travel experience., trying to tackle surprises before they happen. {I’m not a very big fan of surprises.} Researching hotels, the neighborhoods, the transit system and even museum passes… I research it all. Then before we fly for a long haul flight, I make sure to pack our creature comforts like a blanket, snacks, ear plugs and more. Me bring overly prepared has paid off a time or two when traveling.

Handle Stress Together

Jameson Distillery Ireland

Sometimes, just sometimes, the travel shit hits the fan. All of the perfectly laid plans fall apart, and something goes wrong. You know: lost luggage, delayed flights, missing hotel reservations, getting lost or any number of icky travel moments. I have found that when something goes wrong with traveling there are two options: wallow in rather shitty moment or you can make the best of not so perfect situation. For us, Neal is always the one who keeps travel mistakes in check keeping it in perspective.

Say losing an expensive metro pass in Paris, or realizing the envelope of euros was left in the car after security check on the way to Dublin? Yeah, I’ve done both. And both moments lead me to tears and stress, feeling a bit like a traveling failure. But there is Neal, making me laugh, reminding me that I am not a complete dip shit and then we move forward in solving the problem together.

Explore the City, but Enjoy the Company More

Travel and Marriage Post.jpg

Sometimes when traveling, it is easy to get distracted and overwhelmed by guide books and to-do lists. You find yourself scrambling from one destination to the next, without taking a moment to just enjoy and “be”. This happened during our five day trip to Paris. For the first four days, we rushed around based on my Type-A research seeing the sights of the City of Light. By the end of the week, we were exhausted. I couldn’t look at another piece of art, beautiful building or historical landmark. Instead, we bought a box of macaroons and people watched in the park. It was, by far, my favorite day we spent in Paris. We laughed, we relaxed and enjoyed just being.

Macaroon in Paris

Macaroons + Paris + People Watching + Being with My Neal = Sheer Perfection

Traveling with Neal has shifted my travel priority a bit. Sure, it’s important to see the great sights of cities of the world but it is just as important to take a deep breath and enjoy. To people watch. To sit in a cafe drinking espresso in Paris. To sit in the smallest pub in Dublin over Guinness while watching rugby.

Going through these photos for this post reminds me of two things:

1) How lucky I am to have a husband who I sincerely love to travel with. We seriously have so much fun, and I love making memories with my fellow.

2) We need to take another trip sooner than later!

What about you my love kittens? Has traveling impacted your relationship? What have you learned from one another?

Thanks again Casey for the fab idea!

Hope today is magical for you all!




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