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A Visit to Portmeirion Village {Revisiting a Favorite Spot!}

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One of the magical things about living in Wales is being able to hop in the car,  and head to beautiful spot to explore.  And sometimes, it’s wonderful revisiting a spot because it is simply beautiful or memorable or just so distinct. That’s how it is with the lovely seaside resort of Portmeirion.   Located about 1 1/2 hours from us in Wrexham, Portmeirion is a perfect choice for a day out adventure. We’ve visited Portmeirion before, but a few weeks ago we headed out for another day adventure which made me ever so happy.

The reason why I love Portmeirion is it was built in style of Portofino, Italy and it truly feels that you are stepping into a Mediterranean village. It is so wonderfully unexpected in the green valleys of Wales, that a visit to Portmeirion is like being whisked away without needing a passport.  The hotel resort was constructed from 1925 to 1975 by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis from fragments of demolished buildings. {Talk about recycling, how fab!}  Although there is a hotel on the property, the majority of the village is owned and operated by a charity trust.

On the grounds,  there are little cafes, ice cream parlors, and  shops filled with Welsh goodies and treats. Along with the resort of Portmeirion, there are lovely paths through the forest that eventually lead to the beach.  {We tackled one of those strolls on our last visit to Portmeirion.}

Hey look, it’s my cute British husband!

Portmeirion_North Wales
I love the colors and details of Portmeirion Village.  See what I mean when I say “swoon” worthy?
Portmeirion Village_North Wales
A little magical seaside cove…
I love the color combinations here: turquoise, rust, white and peach. It feels like a quaint Mediterranean spot, right?
800X533 (9)
The dome, the pillars, the colors… it’s all so wonderfully authentic it makes me swoon.
800X533 (6)
Another fun shot of color combinations, plus the clock tower! 
800X533 (7)
And this is what happens when hubby has the camera and catches me snapping a selfie.  Never a dull day, right?
800X533 (8)

Dying to visit a little slice of Italy in North Wales?  Make sure to check out these tips for planning your trip to Portmeirion. From our experiences, here are a few of my tips:

  • Bring a picnic, and walk down to the beach.
  • No pups allowed, so plan ahead and leave your pup at home!
  • Portmeirion is known for pottery, and at the village you can buy pieces that are slightly damaged for a great price.

Whew! If you are planning a trip to Wales in the future, make sure to include this little gem on your to see list! What about you? Do you love rediscovering and revisiting favorite spots?  What is one of your fave places for a day trip?


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