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Learning to Grow & Invest in this Thing Called Marriage

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Today marks two years since I donned a big white dress, walked down the isle, celebrated love and danced the night away with the love of my life.  Since that moment, I have been in a constant learning mode.  Learning to be Neal’s wife, living with a guy for the first (!) time and then to top it all off adjusting to a brand new country.   I felt that I have had more mistakes then victories over the past two years, making our anniversary sometimes less than exciting to celebrate.

Then on Friday, one of my lovely coworkers Dawn asked if I was going to blog about our wedding anniversary.  I told her that I had a swirl of ideas, but not really sure.  I mean, is celebrating two years really that big of a deal?  That’s when she promptly replied, “For all that you have been through, I think you’ve done well. You should celebrate.”

You know what? She was right.

It isn’t about me and it isn’t about Neal. It’s about us.  The two of us, working through the shitty parts together and celebrating in the victories.  This past year, we have had our adventures from seeing new sights in Wales to me taking on a new job.  And around every twist and bend, we’ve been there for one another.  That’s worth celebrating.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. We’ve had our arguments, over silly things like dirty dishes or missing the bus in the morning.  {Solution for dirty dishes was simple: buy a dishwasher.}  But the arguments are our way of figuring out how to communicate and work together better.  {Remember, we never lived in the same country let alone the same house before being married.  Our learning curve was huge.}

And what I think I have come to realize is that the learning and growing and investing never ends.  It’s part of the challenge of a life long relationship. I will never have all the answers, and for a Type-A like me…that’s tough. But I need adjust my learning curve, and go with the flow.  Remember that I will be continually learning about myself, growing into our relationship and Neal will do the same.

Year 2 CollageAnd to Neal {my biggest blog fan}: I love you my little honest bunny sweet heart Neal. You mean the world to me, thank you for loving me without question and fail. You are my true soulmate.  My life and heart is beyond filled by you and your wonderful spirit. Thank you for making me laugh, being my partner in crime and setting off on grand adventures.

So here’s to celebrating and loving… and the next year of growing and investing in each other.


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