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When a Blog Makes You Laugh…

Well hello my little honey bees and Happy Tuesday to you! I have a bit of a confession: I don’t think I am a very witty or funny blogger.  So, when I “meet” a fellow blogger that makes me laugh out loud, I quickly bookmark them to return for some witty musings. This is the case with today’s special guest: Jillian from Jillian Lorriane. Guys, not kidding Jillian is funny, smart and witty. She is currently in Southern California {hello beach views}, loves the royal family and has an affinity to nachos and Mariah Carey.  I mean really, what’s not to love? But the best way to meet a new blogger is with a quick and dirty Q&A session. Are you ready to meet this witty lady? Here we go!

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1. Tell me about you and your blog

Hello, hello, hello! I’m Jillian Denning and I blog over at Jillian Lorraine. I’m a writer, drama queen and MFA Student currently studying Writing for Screen and Television at Pepperdine University in Malibu. This means I play pretend for real, full time. It’s quite lovely. I used to be a social worker. That wasn’t always quite as lovely.

I blog about my love of teen soaps, what it’s like to live in LA, why Prince Harry is my soulmate and not yours, and other earth-shattering things.

Also, I like nachos a lot.

2. What would be your ideal Sunday?

The first thing I thought was, “sleep!” I am a huge night owl and any ideal day of mine includes staying in my fluffy marshmallow bed for as long as I possibly can. Other important parts of an ideal Sunday: a long walk (I want to say to the beach, but that’s so cliché, but also I live in LA so that can be a real thing for me, not a cliché. So torn right now.) A really fantastic breakfast (in an ideal world, prepared by a one Prince Harry). A book I can’t put down. A few hours for shopping. A night devoted solely to movies. Simple, homey, Prince Harry. You know.


3. What drives you?

One of my worst and best traits is my ever-present sense of dissatisfaction with my life. I say worst trait for obvious reasons, but this need for more is also one of my best traits because it drives me to push a little harder, to try a little more, to go for my dreams one more time. It also drives me to quit my first career as a social worker and move to Malibu just because I can and just because I’ll always wonder. Double-edged sword these personality trait things, aren’t they?


4. You claim that Prince Harry is your soul mate. Why should we believe you?


Yay! I’m so glad you asked, Henry Charles Albert David is the best of all topics! Can I say we are soulmates because I know all of his names, or does that make us less “soulmates” more “I am obsessed”? (Right. Got it.) I suppose I believe Harry and I are soulmates because I just get vibes when I look at his beautiful ginger self and I feel strongly the royal family is in need of a slightly manic American brunette with a penchant for Taco Bell nacho cheese in their lives. Also, who doesn’t believe they are soulmates with their celebrity crush? (Right. Got it.)

Harry, if you see this. This is real. This is beautiful. I will stop this.


5. If I had 24 hours in LA, what favorite spots would you recommend I not miss?

I’m going to cheat on this one and send you to Malibu, because though I live in LA, I go to school in Malibu and it is Malibu that has my whole heart. It is Malibu that is the great love of my location life.

In Malibu you must eat Nachos Roberto at Coral Beach Cantina (add the chicken, obvi). When you cannot eat any more salsa, head over to Malibu Country Mart and pick up snickerdoodles at Malibu Kitchen. Eat them while you browse the far-too-expensive clothing stores and awkwardly stalk celebrities. Afterwards, head up the coast towards Point Dume (saying hello to Beyoncé’s rented home. Hi Yonce!) Spend the day on the private beach and watch the magical Malibu sunset knowing everything is right in this here world. Head back up to Duke’s for drinks at night, and if it’s Wednesday make sure you karaoke at Café Habana and look fantastic because celebrities come AND I SAW OWEN WILSON THERE. Go home and thank the world for giving us Malibu.

Rinse. Repeat.


6. Tell me about a dream trip that you know you will complete one day.

One day I will, I will, I will go to Prince Edward Island and wander the streets admiring the blooming flowers and crisp air and general romantical feel. (Can you tell I really have no idea what goes on at Prince Edward Island other than Anne Shirley?) In my dreams, when I am a successful writer and can live wherever I want and I spend a summer on PEI, falling in love with life and my inner child and Anne of Green Gables all over again.

Super sigh.

One day.


7. As a writer, what tricks do you use to conquer the dreaded writer’s block?

Ah, writer’s block! My very least favorite syndrome and thus one of my very most favorite topics. When I’m out of creativity and quickly descending into madness, declaring I’m going to “sew a muumuu of my tears,” I tend to do one of three things. 1. Bake something ridiculously complex that doesn’t turn out, but does give me a sugar boost (The Great Coconut Macaroon Incident of finals 2012 is never to be forgotten) 2. Go on a walk and leak tears to Joni Mitchell or Stevie Nicks 3. Dance it out Mer/Cristina style and “hope no one ever sees this” style.


8. Do you have other creative outlets that complement your writing?

One day I plan to live in a cottage by the sea and wake up early to read Shakespeare and oil paint near a window with big billowy white curtains and a soft smell of salt. That day is not today. For now, I think my second most creative outlet is my clothing. I love picking out weird things (like this panda muumuu) and then altering them and adding some crazy jewelry and a ring or 12 and making it my own. I feel most myself when my nails are bright and my clothing is this side of crazy.


9. Where do you find your inspiration?

I’m inspired by so many things. Love (which is the cheesiest, I know, I know, I know. Cringe. Smile. Everything.) Bravery. Passion. The women in my life who show me what it means to be bold, driven, wonderful and relentlessly themselves. I am inspired by women who live fiercely and relentlessly. I want to write the stories of women I know and women I don’t know who live fiercely and relentlessly.


10. What is one thing you’d like us to know about you?


I can recite Bridget Jones’s Diary by heart, and I usually do so when wearing a full headscarf.

I have a life-sized Teddy Bear named Truman after Will Truman.

I once attended a Sound of Music sing-along and was asked if I was a member of the cast as my enthusiasm and general theatricality attracted other people’s attention.

I generally describe myself as a drama queen with good intentions. My personality wildly swings from emotional Fiona Apple to diva Mariah Carey and it’s confusing for me, too.

Also, I don’t seem to be able to stick to one thing.

Oh, and I’m very glad to meet you all!

That too.

See what I mean about Jillian being one witty and funny blogger? Yeah, I thought you’d enjoy!

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I hope Jillian made your Tuesday a bit brighter! Mwah!


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  • You are right!! Too funny….following now 🙂

  • her blog sounds awesome. my friend lives in LA and I love visiting Malibu so will check her out for some vicarious LA living 🙂