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Kissing January Goodbye…Mwah!

Whelp my lovely little jelly beans, we’ve made it to the end of January.  Is your head swirling a bit? For me, it’s tough to believe we were in America just a few weeks ago! This month has been a whirlwind.  And to recoup from the hectic January, and to celebrate the new gig and early Valentine’s Day, Neal and I are heading off to a hotel tonight. {We found a screaming good deal, and couldn’t pass it up!}  The hotel is located on the edge of Snowdonia Park overlooking Lake Vyrnwy, a spot we visited a few times in the summer.   Even if it’s just a short stay, it will be nice to be pamper for an evening and wake up to a beautiful view.

I mean really, who doesn’t want to wake up to this view?

I will be sharing all about the hotel and our stay for next week’s Wild & Wondrous Wales post, be on the look out!

And of course, this is a BIG weekend for sporting events! The Six Nations Tournament begins this weekend, and although I am not a “fan” per say, I will be cheering for Wales this weekend.    Oh, and that other event? The one on Sunday?  You know, the Super Bowl? Normally, I couldn’t care less about the game {but I love the commercials} but this year, my hometeam the Seattle Seahawks are playing which is really exciting!  I’m not going to pretend to be a 12th Man, but I will say I love the energy from the fans back home.  And for the fans and the city of Seattle, I really hope they pull out a “W”.  Fingers crossed I can stay awake to watch some of the game, it kicks off here at 10:30pm. Eeek!

Speaking of Super Bowl commercials, I am sure you’ve seen this goody swirling around the internet. It melts my heart, and makes me all sorts of happy….

Speaking of happy, let’s share a cup of coffee and have a little Starbucks selfie…shall we?


And of course, no Friday would be complete without sharing a few finds from around the internet. The ones that made me think, laugh, ponder or that I just plain old loved:

Want to be happy? Here are 30 things not to give up doing.

A Dad with terminal cancer writes notes to leave for his daughter’s lunch. from now until she graduates from high school. All 826 of them.

I love the idea of following world known museums on Pinterest, and this article gives you 8.

Could you imagine spending hours creating works of art to be just washed away? I sure can’t, but this artist in California does just that and it’s breathtaking.

And just for fun, for those SATC fans out there….take a stroll down memory lane, and enjoy Carrie’s fashion highs {and lows} , and those beautiful heels.

Whew! With that, I want to take a moment to introduce you to one of the lovely ladies hanging on my sidebar at the moment, Annabel from Annabel & Alice.   When I first came onto Annabel’s blog, she introduced herself as falling through a rabbit’s hole, and the adventure that entails.   Annabel is honestly refreshing, and right up front she lets us reads in that she doesn’t  have all the answers and she is still figuring life out. {I love when bloggers are honest like that, refreshing and needing in the blogging world!} On Annabel’s blog, you can get wonderful slices of who she is and a few of her passions in such as DIY, travel and reading. {I am not kidding about the reading! Annabel has tons of fab book recommendations!} And now, meet Annabel….

Annabel & Alice

Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest //Instagram 

Tell me a bit about you and your blog… Hi! I’m Annabel. I recently graduated from a Law/Psychology degree, and was admitted to the Supreme Court in SA. Even though I’m now qualified to be a lawyer, my passions lie with writing, and with humanitarian work; currently I work for a charity as their Fundraising Manager, and we’re raising money to build a school and orphanage in South Sudan. I’ve also started this blog to help build my writing skills and portfolio, write about travel (another passion!) and to start up an Etsy store to sell my DIY creations! I’m a bit all over the place, and wasn’t too well last year, so I’m trying to get things back on track, and find a balance between my passions and work.

What makes your heart sing? I love working with children; helping them achieve their potential just makes my heart smile. Other than that? Travel! I’ve done lots of solo travel and there is no better experience I’ve ever had. Exploring new places, meeting new people – it rocks!

Describe Yourself in 5 Words: Imaginative, Organised, Self-Conscious, Leader, Empathetic

If we were to have coffee together, what drink would I treat you to? Skinny Cappuccino

A personal goal for 2014 is to love myself more. How do you take care of yourself or make time for you? I’m trying to look after myself physically by going to the gym more, and mentally by finding a balance between working at something I love vs. over-working myself because it’s what people think I ‘should be doing’ at this age.

You just won an all expense trip anywhere in the world for two weeks. Where do you go? Who do you take with you? Ohh, that’s tough! For two weeks maybe the Greek Islands, with my friend Lucy (who I met travelling overseas), or England with my boyfriend to visit his family (he’s English and moved over here seven years ago). But there are so many places to see!

What one book could you re-read over and over?  Saving Francesca’ Melina Marchetta

If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be? I think people are too self-absorbed a lot of the time. If people put half as much effort focusing on the bigger picture, they might see that it takes very little to improve the life of another person. I think the world would be a better place!

You are planning an unforgettable dinner party. What three celebrities or historical persons would you invite {dead or alive}?  It’s clique, but I’d have to invite Jesus, because there are lots of things that guy left unanswered. Then maybe Stephen Fry, because he’s gone through so much with mental illness and it’s inspirational. And I’d love to meet Mia Freedman, she’s done great things for women as an editor, and is never afraid to speak up for what she believes in.

A few of Annabelle’s fave posts:

Hunger Games {Book Review} // Good Morning 2014 // Exploring Barossa Valley // Word for 2014

A few of Annabelle’s posts that I enjoyed…

DIY Chevron Painted Cork Board //  Travel Bucket List  //  Getting to Know Me // Book Bucket List

Make sure to pop over and say hello to Annabel! She is a sparkly gem!

Have a wonderful wonderful weekend my lovely little honey bunnies! What plans do you have? Anything fun and exciting? Are you planning on going to a Super Bowl just to watch the commercials? {It’s okay if you are, no judgement here!}  What ever you do, make it sparkle lovelies!


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