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Well hello my lovely readers, while I prep and get ready for our trip to America {Those weight limits for suitcases are tricky, am I right?}  I have a very special treat for you guest posts from two of my favorite travel bloggers: Rachel & Casey.  First up is the lovely and sweet Rachel of Postcards from Rachel.  Now, I have to admit… I am a big fan of not only Rachel’s blog but of Rachel herself. I began reading her blog about a year ago, and I fell in love with her story of being newlyweds in Scotland and now Boston.  Through the power of blogging, I got to know Rachel more and more and discovered that she has a pure heart of gold. She has answered a milion and one blogging questions of mine, cheerleaded new ideas and is essentially an all around rockstar. And now I am gushing…and slightly embarassed. Don’t take my word on it lovelys, meet Rachel yourself.

Tomorrow, I have Casey from True Colours, how exciting! 




Hello, Found Love Now What readers! I’m Rachel and I have a lifestyle and travel blog called Postcards from Rachel. I started this blog while living abroad in Scotland and now I write about moving around every 6 months for my husband’s job. Sometimes it sucks — like, really sucks — but it gives us the unique opportunity to travel all over the place. Right now we’re located in Boston so we’re taking advantage of everything this area has to offer. Next year we’ll be headed back to Washington, DC which is where we met while we were both working in the city.

Wedding photo
Family photo

The hardest part for me is no longer having a career because I’m constantly bombarded by the same question from friends and family: what do you do all day? At first I felt lost, but now I’m used to planning my own schedule and it’s wonderful. I read, write, take photographs, and care for my two bundles of fur, Malcolm and Ollie. I’m able to be creative and that’s the biggest blessing! Plus, when we’re able to, we foster dogs and that’s my absolute favorite way to volunteer.

Shelter dog

I’ve also been able to meet quite a few bloggers all around the globe and let me tell you, bloggers are the best! I find it easier to have heart-to-hearts with my blogger friends because these ladies can relate. If you’re an expat or travel bloggers and you haven’t become involved in this online community, network! I’ve found that everyone is accepting and extremely supportive. I’m not sure what I would do without these travel bloggers!

Amalfi Coast

And that’s me in a nutshell. Be sure to stop by my blog, say hello, and follow along. I can’t wait to meet you!

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