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My Ode to Dublin {How I Love Thee}

A Weekend in Dublin

Well hello my little jelly bean snowflakes! I hope you all are well today, this fine December(!?!) Tuesday. I have finally had a chance to go through some of our adventures with my sister from the past few weeks and I cannot wait to share them with you all, beginning with our weekend in Dublin, Ireland.

Since Neal and I have been to Dublin before, we wanted to give my sister Becca a fun first time experience filled with a balance of tourist sights plus authentic Irish moments. As I have mentioned before, I LOVE Dublin. The energy of the city is warm, friendly and oh-so welcoming. Dublin is filled to the brim with amazing history and stories, public parks, beautiful buildings and museums.  But, unlike other capital cities, Dublin is approachable and easily manageable in a 2-3 day visit. {In my humble opinion of course.}

We approached Dublin a bit differently for a first time visitor, I wanted to share how we handled 48 hours in lovely Dublin. Now, our weekend to Dublin I shot everything on my iPhone because I just didn’t feel like using my DSLR. {Does that ever happen to anyone else?} So, knowing that, I apologize for lack of killer photos but we will work with what we have, right? On we go!

Guinness Storehouse: Is any trip to Dublin complete without a visit to Guinness? Yeah, I didn’t think so. We pre-booked our tickets saving both time and money, so I would recommend doing that if you are planning a visit. The tickets are open for any date, and save you 10% plus you simply visit a kiosk to get your tickets.

2013-11-23 15.48.14-2

Now, I love Guinness. Neal and I both do. {In fact we served it at our wedding!}  The thing about the Storehouse is that is is pretty touristy and commercial, but very well executed. You learn all about the process and the history plus you get one pint of the good stuff. Most people head up to the 360 bar for their free pint, but we go to the Guinness Experience where you learn to pour your own pint.

 Guinness Storehouse Dublin

Tips: Along with pre-booking your tickets, I would recommend going to the Storehouse as early in the day as you can or on a weekday. We went at 3pm on a Saturday, it was packed! My other tip would have to be to refrain from buying anything at the gift shop. Most items can be found in souvenir shops for way way less.

Temple Bar: Temple Bar isn’t a bar, but an entire neighborhood in the heart of Dublin. Think classic pubs, trendy eats and live music.  If you only have one pint of Guinness when in Dublin make it in Temple Bar. The people watching and energy is so much fun!

Temple Bar Dublin

Jameson Distillery: Like Guinness, I love Jameson whisky. {Maybe having the two labels that I love so close to one another is another reason why I love Dublin so much.  Oh well, the world will never know.}  This time, instead of doing a tour, we opted to visit the Jameson for the gift shop (!) and the bar. Let’s face it, when you are visiting Dublin in November, you need something to warm you up a little bit. Right?

 Jameson Distillery Ireland

I opted for a taste of the 12 year Jameson reserve while Becca and Neal tried warm beverages featuring Jamesons. At about €9 each, the drinks weren’t that cheap but cheaper than going on the tour so a good second option. It is important to note that there isn’t whisky distilled in the Dublin location, it really is a tour/bar idea. But if you are a whisky lover like me, it’s totally worth doing the tour at some point. And a tip from me to you: When they ask for volunteers raise your hand.

 Dawson’s Pub: This is a very very special place, as it is the smallest pub in all of Dublin. No really. It’s teeny tiny.  You enter this super narrow hallway, head down stairs through a narrow spiral staircase and enter a pub the size of a of traditional living room. {Or smaller.} We came across this gem after a bus guide pointed it out.  After ducking in from the cold, we settled down for a pint of Guinness and a little Irish rugby watching. This was a perfectly authentic Irish moment: a teeny pub, surrounded by locals, watching rugby and drinking Guinness. Words cannot describe.

 Dawson's Pub Ireland

Dublin has plenty of options for getting around within City Center, and also from the airport. There is a bus called the AirLink which takes you from the airport to city centre for a mere €6, taking about 25 minutes  and with stops around the city centre it is an excellent option for anyone arriving via air.  For us, we snagged a Hop on Hop Off pass from the airport that included our bus ride (AirLink) right into the City Center. We did a three day pass for €28, which ended up being a really good deal.  Now, I have to admit..I have never done a Hop on Hop Off bus in my traveling career, but my sister was exhausted from her travels around the UK and we figured a little bus ride would be the perfect way to see the sights without killing ourselves. It ended up being freezing on the uncovered part of the double decker bus (duh, it was November), but we laughed alot and made a few fun memories.

Starbucks Seflie in Dublin

I mean really, who doesn’t love a selfie on top of double decker bus in November? Magic!

In short, Dublin is a magical city filled with a lovely combination of history, art, friendly people, yummy eats and delish drinks. If you haven’t been add it to your list, you won’t regret it. And if you have been,  what was your favorite spot to visit?

Now, I would like to take this chance to share with a blogger that I adore: Chelsea from Lost in Travels. Chelsea is the talented and energetic lady behind the travel inspired blog, Lost in Travels. I have to share with you a little story, a few months ago I was able to have Skype session with the lovely Chelsea and before we began chatting I was nervous. {Really nervous.}   And within minutes, my nerves had melted and I felt like I was chatting with a dear friend, because in a way I was.  For four hours we chatted about everything: LDR, expat life, funny stories of our new cultures, blogging, travels and everything in between.  Chelsea is a mentor and cheerleader of fellow bloggers, and you know what her heart is BIG ya’ll. {Not sure where that “ya’ll” came from. I am not Southern.}   If you haven’t met her, take a moment to say hello. If you have  met her, you know just what I am talking about.


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Chelsea, tell me about yourself: After getting hitched to my man, we discovered that we both wanted something different, something exciting, something adventurous. So we did the only logical thing; sold all of our belongings and moved half way around the world to teach English in South Korea. Makes sense right? A blog once used just to make our families feel at peace about us being half way around the world, it has turned into a place where I document our world adventures, our daily lives as expat and share tips on how to travel well and on a budget! Follow along on our world travel adventures as we try to figure out newlywed expat life in the land of kimchi and rice

Give me five words to describe yourself: adventurous, spontaneous, hospitable, curious, introvert


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Make sure to hop on over and introduce yourself to the lovely Chelsea!  Wishing you a happy Tuesday my lovely little honeybees!



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