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Greetings my little love bird kittens, and welcome to another installment of Travel Tuesday!  Now, I have a bit of news to share with you all… after careful thought and consideration,  I have decided that this will be my last week co-hosting Travel Tuesday with Bonnie.  Bonnie will be continuing on with the linkup, and I will still write travel stories from time to time, but for now I am hangin’ up my co-hosting duties.   So, make sure to pop over to Bonnie’s blog next week to linkup! Thank you to all of the wonderful bloggers who have connected with me via the linkup, it has been wonderful to get to know fellow travel lovers!

I thought today I would share a few if my musings and observations on the subject of our beloved: Travel. Of all of the observations and lessons I have gathered through my travels throughout the world,  the one that has struck home with me is how much in common people have all around the world.  In the news and media, I think sometimes the focus can be on the amount of differences between cultures but through travel I have seen firsthand that there are more similarities than I had realized.

I have seen faith displayed through different religion mosques or cathedrals. I have seen nuns and priests off to mass at St. Peter’s. I have been in awe of grand temples or cathedrals while being humbled by local parish churches in England.  I have seen the city of Istanbul stop when the call to worship happened at noon.  But the common denomination is the idea of belief and faith in something that is universal.


I have spied brides and grooms in Paris, France to Odessa, Ukraine. If you didn’t know differently it could have been a bride getting married in Seattle. Love, and the joy that surrounds it , is universal.

Simple childhood adventures are similar no matter what country you are in, I watched a grandfather with his young granddaughter playing in the park in Sevastopol, Ukraine. The little girl was dressed head to toe in pink and looked like a child that you would see anywhere. I also remember a little boy who couldn’t stop watching koi fish in a fountain in Sicily. Imagination and childhood curiosity is a common currency international.

Sicily 1


Traveling makes the world smaller.  I have found that through traveling, I have gained a better understanding of the world plus I find myself more aware of international news and events. Traveling has made me an engaged and concerned citizen of the world, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Neal and I still have plenty of adventures to have, and I look forward to learning more as we continue to travel and see the world.

What about you? What observations and insights on the world have you gained through traveling? I’d love to hear! Now, before we linkup and hop around for virtual stamps in the passport, I am thrilled to introduce you to Amy from Creatrice Mondial and let me tell you… she is a traveler through and through.

Creatrice Mondial

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Amy, tell me a little bit about yourself: I am an artist, designer, and traveller. I completed interior design studies in both London and Paris, and just finished up a year working with a boutique interior design firm in Melbourne, Australia. I moved back to the States this past March, and am looking towards the next adventure, possibly a year in New Zealand. I am back in school working towards a graphic design certificate so I can design and build websites, branding, logos, etc. on the go. I have traveled to 20 countries so far, but have many more destinations on my wish list! I created my blog to document my past travels, and introduce my readers to the artistic industries and creative minds I have met along the way. It’s a mix between wandering gypsy, free spirit artist, and inspiring architecture and design.

Now guys, I am really excited to introduce Amy today because she has a BIG wanderlust heart, and you know how much I love that, right? One post that  sang to me from start to finish, was when she chatted about her craving to see the world and how wandering keeps her heart alive. {I love her perspective ever so much.} I also love how Amy has shared her thoughts on the connection between travel and creative inspiration. Oh, and if you don’t want major travel envy skip this post on her visit to Cinque Terre because these pictures are stunning!

I look forward to where our adventures take us this week!


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  • Love your thoughts and musing on how although cultural customs are different all over the world, people are fundamentally very similar with the same basic needs and desires. So true! Sorry to hear this is your last Travel Tuesday, but glad it will continue!

  • Aww, bummer you’re no longer co-hosting, but I read your blog either way 😉 I love this post… it’s true how so many things are universal and we’re not all that different.

  • Thanks for co-hosting and sharing your many travels with us!! We’ve seen this first hand as well, that people are fundamentally the same. We may dress a bit different, think a bit different, tell jokes WAY different (oh my, have you heard a Russian joke?), but we also found common bonds with friends in these countries that brought us together. It’s given me such a broader perspective and world view. Not to come down on my own country, but foreigners know so much more about the world and our own country of America than Americans know sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

    • I love how mention jokes because whenever my husband translates a joke from Swedish I only ever get confused not happy or laughing from it!

  • Aw Belinda, it will be sad not to be joining you every Tuesday! But I think considering a few things you’ve mentioned lately, this is positive for your overall blogging to cut back on weekly commitments like this. I’m sure I will still be heading over here every Tuesday anyway!

    I think one of the best observations I made whilst traveling was to realise the world does not revolve around me or anyone else for that matter. No matter what happens to you as an individual, life does go on. It may sound like common sense but it really hit home for me when I left home.

  • Through travel I have found that everyone has their place, the first time I went to England at 15 I felt so at home unlike any other place I had been to.

  • You’re so right! Travel is the best leveller and I always find that people who you meet travelling are the same kind of people as you – sometimes purely because they are travelling in the first place.
    For me travel builds the best memories – staying at home is great but getting out and about together is amazing – no matter how far (my post this week we travelled less than 1 hour from our home!)
    I’ve only just discovered you so I’ll be here anyway having a look at your great blog 🙂

  • Beautiful sentiments. The commonalities are what make us human, the differences are just details.

  • I totally agree with your thoughts. Traveling really opens your eyes to the commonalities that people everywhere have. I love seeing commonalities between people all over the world. For me, traveling has also opened my eyes to the differences between cultures and becoming appreciative of those differences because those things make each culture special. It’s probably my Anthropology background talking, but in my classes, we looked at certain cultures and why they do the things they do. We shouldn’t focus on differences as a bad thing, but as something we should appreciate, since those are the things that make a culture unique 🙂

  • Love this post Belinda and I agree, travel does make the world smaller. It’s a difficult thing to explain but it opens your eyes and makes you feel differently about people and cultures because like you say, there are a lot of similarities between us all. Thanks for co-hosting travel tuesday. It’s been great finding other awesome bloggers. x

  • What a beautiful post, Belinda! And yes, I love how traveling makes the world expand and contract at the same time. I think what amazes me most about travel is how kind people are, everywhere. It sometimes is hard to reconcile this with all the sad things I see/hear about but it makes me feel better about life–that no matter where I go I will meet people with good hearts 🙂

  • kcsaling

    I love finding the familiar in an unfamiliar setting. It’s the first step toward making a connection and turning something that was strange and scary into something that feels welcoming. The more I travel, the better I’m getting at finding these connections. I feel like I can find a little bit of home in every place.

  • what lovely sentiments, Belinda! something we should remember more often, definitely – we’re not all so different!

  • Travel reminds me of our differences, yet we are all so much the same. So glad to have stumbled across your blog, I look forward to coming back.

  • Casey

    Such a fantastic post and so so true… there are more similarities in our world than differences and we always need to remember that everyone else are just people too!

  • Elena Elswick

    I love the picture of the little boy watching the fish! Adorable.