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Harlech Castle: Medieval Adventures! {Travel Tuesday}

Hello my little love bugs!  Remember last Friday when I mentioned that we were heading out to yet another Welsh castle this past weekend? Well, the our day out was really the last adventure of the summer from castle exploring to beach time, ice cream and yes, fish & chips.  But let me tell you, we stood on the beach and I felt cold. And that was the moment I knew that the summer has come and gone. Alas.  Bring on soup season, pumpkin flavored everything and cozy sweaters. But, that’s for another post. Today, I want to share with you our last adventure of the summer out to Harlech Castle in North Wales.

Earlier this summer we too our nephew Kelly for a day out at another castle.  You see, our Christmas gift last year was two days out at castles of his choice.  Gets us out and about sharing experiences, and is a fun way to share our adventure loving ways. {Bawhaha!} Now, just so you know Harlech Castle was built in the 12th century and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. {Not bad for a castle by the sea in Wales, right?}

Whenever we visit old medieval castles, I am always impressed by the level of detail and accuracy it took to be built.   The scale is incredible and pretty humbling, and it reminds me of how inventive craftsmen were back oh, 800+ years.

Welsh Castle Harlech_5951Harlech Castle Welsh_5953Harlech Castle Wales_6011

This castle also boasted amazing views from the top.  Just check out the sea!

View Harlech Castle Wales_6007

I spotted this bright orange cat milling around the castle, and I wondered if he was a little mascot just hanging out.

Harlech Castle_6016

Can you spy the fireplace? Neal and I love trying to guess what rooms were what as we piece together the old castles. Harlech Castle Wales_5957Harlech Castle Wales_5978

Neal and Kelly striking a pose from high above on the castle walls. Harlech Castle_6019

Harlech Castle_5990

View Harlech Castle Wales_5993


Another stunning view of the Welsh countryside.  Anyone want to come visit now?

Views from Harlech Castle Wales_6001


It was a fun way to end the summer: a day exploring a medieval castle plus a bit of a beach adventure after ending with fish and chips. {Nom nom nom!!}  As we sat down on the couch later for dinner, I told Neal that I was exhausted but at least we did something to feel exhausted.  You know what I mean? When you have a lazy Sunday but don’t really do anything, and then feel exhausted? Ah, sigh.

Now before we all begin to travel around the world virtually, I would like to introduce you to Kate of Diaries of an Essex Girl. Take it away Kate!

Essex Girl
Diary Essex

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I am a twenty two year old British girl traveling Europe, currently residing in Frankfurt, Germany. Since April 2012 I have lived in Amsterdam, on a Greek island called Zakynthos and in Versailles (close to Paris). Traveling is one of my greatest passions and one of the best decisions I ever made. I am a health and fitness enthusiast after losing 40lbs through diet and exercise, I began my blog to share this information with others, who knew I’d end up loving it so much and meeting some really interesting people along the way!

Guys, I met Kate a few weeks ago, through the Travel Tuesday linkup, and let me tell you…she is lovely.  A Brit writing about  living in Germany, she has some amazing stories to tell… like what she loved about living in France or how to pull yourself from a funk.   And you will never guess who her fitness inspiration is.  {I’ll give you a hint: “May the odds be ever in your favor.”} To top it all off, Kate has just changed to a brand spankin’ brand with a whole new look. {Formerly her blog was Fat to Fit Geek!}

Kate, if you could move anywhere, where would you go and why?  Australia! I am dying to go there but the visa is quite expensive (you need $5000 AUS dollars for a visa) and I haven’t been in a position to save for it yet. I just love the idea of living close to a beach, socialising always being around a BBQ and OUTSIDE! Winter being 20 degrees (Most of Europe’s idea of summer) and Christmas in the scorching heat!

Okay, I will admit it… Australia is on my dream list too! {I am dying to meet a koala bear first hand.}  Now, make sure to hop on over and meet this travel loving lady Kate!

Happy Travel Tuesday everyone!


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