Wild & Wondrous Wales

The Natural Wonders of Wales

{Get ready, this post is FILLED with pictures. Just a heads up!}

Well, hello my lovely jelly bean sweethearts and welcome to another installment of Wanerlust Wednesday linkup, hosted by the travel loving lady Casey. The prompt for this month was “Natural Wonders”.  My thoughts strayed to the stunning landscape of my new country: Wales.  But before I share my pictures of today’s post let me share you a little story:

Do you remember the tale of the city mouse and the country mouse?  Well, before I moved to Wales, I was for sure a city mouse: loving the hustle bustle and lights and crowds.  The happy hours, the late night movies or take-away. But, now that I have I lived in Wales for just over a year I find myself enjoying the country mouse life more and more.  Long country walks, stunning vistas and a slower pace of life.  Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE visiting big cities like Paris, London or Rome, but I have found that living in the quiet of North Wales has it’s perks too…

 Now, let’s go on to the Natural Wonders of Wales, and the pictures that go along with it.  But which photos do I choose? I am a snap happy photographing freak when it comes to seeing and experiencing Wales that I didn’t know which to pick, so I decided to give you some of my favorites from our adventures this summer. {Because even though I am in denial, the summer is closing to an end  much faster than I’d like to admit, so let’s relive a bit of the summer deliciousness before autumn rolls around.} 

Wales Collage 1 2013-06-08 11.53.482013-06-02 17.37.49Wales Collage 2 2013-05-24 16.28.302013-07-17 16.03.26Wales Collage 4 2013-07-06 11.45.48Wales Collage 3

Guys, I can’t tell you how spectacular the vistas are here in Wales and I have been really lucky to experience so much this summer. So I have to ask you… have you ever gone from a country mouse to a city mouse, or vice versa? Have you experienced some natural wonders yourself this summer? I’d love to hear about it!


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