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A Day Trip to Powis Castle, Wales

Well hello my lovely little sweetheart jelly beans! Are we all ready for another installment of Travel Tuesday with Bonnie and I? I know I am.  Today, I am going to share with you a little adventure that Neal and I had a few weeks ago to a local castle called Powis, using our National Trust Membership again.  Now, this castle is just about 1 hour away, and we’ve seen it in the distant horizon while we have driven by on previous adventures.   And I’ll be honest, I was really…really excited about exploring this beautiful spot.

Powis Castle_Wales_(

Arriving to the castle we found out one very unfun fact: no photography, none at all, inside of the Castle.  Guys, this killed me a bit.  I LOVE taking photos of these old country homes and castles.   Part of the fun for me when we visit these spots is capturing the moment for you, my lovely readers.  Without being able to take photos, I was a bit turned off by the grounds as a whole.  Actually we both were.  {As a sidenote, no photography wasn’t listed on the website or iPhone app. I think if I had known in advance, I wouldn’t have been so grumpy gills.} 

The interior of the Powis Castle was filled to the brim with amazing details from wood carvings to tapestries, marble statues and intricate furniture.  Around every turn, I was bummed that I couldn’t sneak a photo.  But I respect rules too much, so I didn’t.  In the castle there was an incredible marble table top, easily over 450 years old…with a beautiful mosaic pattern that I could have studied for hours.

Trust me, it was beautiful and I wish I could share it with you. But, what I can share with you are the pics I took of the grounds of Powis Castle.


Powis Castle_Wales_5

Anytime there are peacocks, I know I am in a good place.


Powis Castle_Wales_2

The green (and lush) hills of Wales. I love views like these…

Powis Castle_Wales_1

The main courtyard of the castle….

Powis Castle_Wales_7

Hey! It’s us!



Powis Castle_Wales_3

The hedges of Powis were massive, and perfectly groomed. Such an undertaking!

Powis Castle_Wales_4

Perfectly groomed gardens = bursts of color. And you know how I love my color.

Powis Castle_Wales_6

Another of the castle from the gardens….

Now, onto bigger and brighter things: Travel Tuesday! Guys, this is such a fun linkup… I love virtually traveling around the world to everyone’s travel story and I hope you enjoy it as much as us!



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