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Debunking the Glamour of Being an Assistant Cruise Director {Travel Tuesdays #1}

Well, welcome my lovely little buttercups! Through the magic of Twitter Bonnie, from A Compass Rose, and I have joined up for a new linkup: Travel Tuesdays! Woot-woot!  With the first edition of Travel Tuesday, I wanted to share another story from when I worked on cruise ships, following up my post a few weeks ago.  Perfect launch to this Travel Tuesday linkup, right?

With that, here we go!

So, when I worked onboard cruise ships for Holland America, I was primarily was an Assistant Cruise Director.  Now, on paper, this title sounds super-duper fancy. I know what you are thinking, “Wooo, Assistant Cruise Director? What an important job!” Well, not to burst your cruise ship dreams, this assumption is oh-so-wrong. Let me share some little known facts about the glamorous life of an Assistant Cruise Director {or at least a bit of my experience}:

1. You play shuffleboard.  Yeah, you read that right: Shuffleboard.  Had I ever played a game of my shulffleboard prior to working on a cruise ship? Nope.  I love learning curves.  {I kid.} You see, part of our job was to run activities during the day like trivia, Scattegories, running a game of HORSE and even shuffleboard.  All too fun, right? Wrong. Especially when 1 or 2 people show up, but you still have to run the activity.  Always a bit awkward.

2. You learn awesome Bingo jokes.  Along with shuffleboard, another activity I assisted with running Bingo for the duration of the cruise.  You start as an Assistant Cruise Director (or ACD as they say), selling tickets and doing the paperwork, which is never that fun.  Over time, you may get to call a game if you are lucky! What!?! This included amazing Bingo jokes like “Pair of ducks, I-22 quack quack.”  or “Don’t drink too much tequila or you will B-6.”   I could go on and on, these jokes are forever stuck in my brain.

3. You do alot of costume changes.  As I mentioned in my previous cruise ship post, I assisted with Country Line dancing night.  What I didn’t mention, is that there was also Disco Night, Formal Night, 50’s Sock Hop and oh-so-much-more. But the best costume change was being ask to dress up as a chef and provide entertainment to guests in the main dining room.  {Oh, when I say the best? I really mean that it was worst, and most humiliating…}  Don’t believe me? Check out this goody:


4. You wear a nametag, everywhere.  On break and just grabbing a bite? Nametag on, and in uniform.   This takes some time to get used to, but after awhile it’s normal to wear a nametag…even when you are hanging out with passengers on an excursion for the day as an escort. Since you were representing the ship, wearing the nametag makes sense but it means that you have tons of pics with you rockin’  own your name.  Awesome, right?


But, it isn’t all odd activities and countless costume changes, I had so much fun traveling around the world!  Over the course of two years, I sailed as south as Chile and as far east as Turkey.  Cruise Ship Adventures

 {Left to Right: Penguins in Southern Chile, Ephesus in Turkey, Monte Carlo, a Hawaiian Sunset}

I have plenty of other travel stories from my time on cruise ships and now living here in the UK, that I can’t wait to share them with you all, especially as part of Travel Tuesdays!  Now for the linkup, traveling doesn’t have to mean jet setting to some remote location or working and living on a cruise ship! You can write about any travel adventure: from  being a tourist in your own city to seeing a far away land!  Check out how this linkup works below and let’s get traveling!




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