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A Girl Walks onto a Cruise Ship { + Wellness Giveaway!}

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post sharing about a special day that I spent with my Grandpa when I was working on cruise ships in Hawaii. I got wonderful heartfelt comments from fellow bloggers and readers, and I also got the question, “Wait. You worked on cruise ships? How did I miss that?”

Well, yes… yes I did. And since it was five years ago I hardly mention that part of my life here on the little old blog but since there were requests {I’m talking to you Casey and Rachel} about cruise ship life, so I thought I would crack open the vault of stories every once in a while to share with you all.

I jumped onto working aboard Holland America as an Assistant Cruise Director in the summer of 2008 with contract taking me to Alaska. Now, before we move along any further, let me share a few fun facts:

1. Before starting my contract July 2008, I had never been on a cruise ship before nor did I have my passport. {Yeah, looking back I realize how nuts this was.}
2. I had never flown internationally alone before.
3. I was known to get seasickness from time to time.
4. I quit my job to jump into the deep end of a brand new adventure.
5. I had to squeeze all of my belongings into just 2 suitcases for four months. {And it became even more interesting with BIG international contracts.}
6. The title “Assistant Cruise Director” sounds way, way more fancy than the job actually was. {More on that later.}

These few fun facts to give let you in on one big fact of this adventure: I had NO idea what the hell I was getting myself into. Which five years later makes for amazing blog content, win-win-win for us all!

Ship @ Haines 3

Now, if you’ve ever traveled on a cruise ship {or sat through someone’s photo slideshow of their cruise} you know that the interior of a cruise ship is one word: Posh.  With lush carpets, brass gilded details and stunning public spaces.  Surprise surprise, the crew areas are nothing like this.  Think exposed cold metal and teeny tiny cabins.  No really, so teeny that both my roomate and I couldn’t be stand in the main space at the same time without literally bumping into one another.  Here is some proof:

Cabin of Cruise Ship Crew member

PS-I am standing in the bathroom when I took this goodie.  Awesome stuff, right?

My day-to-day job would be running activities and game with the passengers like Bingo and Shuffleboard and then helping to host evening events like Country Line Dancing or Disco Night.  I know. I know. This is sounding like a freaking dream, right? Well, let me share one {of hundreds} of embarrassing stories from my first few weeks on the cruise ship.   The Entertainment Staff were responsible for hosting the Country Night once per 7-day cruise which meant that we needed to not only dance but we also had to teach the dances.  Yeah, you read that right: teach.  Oh lord.   The first time we had Country theme night  I broke the heels to my beloved boots and I completely forgot my dance let alone teach (as I was limping with a broken boot heel).  Ugh.   I had moments like this each and everyday in my first contract.

But there were amazing moments too, like seeing and experiencing incredible parts of the world. On my first contact alone, I saw the stunning sights of Alaska! But I had to do it wearing pleated pants and a name tag.  {I agree, lame-o.}

Alaska Glacier Bay

 But I also went zip lining in Ketchikan, Alaska where I encountered bears right beneath our zip lines.  That was a bit frightening!

Alaska Zip line

Well, that’s about all I have up my sleeve, for now.  To keep you interested, I worked on the cruise ship for 2 years and sailed to about 35 different countries and trust me… I am such a klutz that there are plenty of stories to share!

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