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A Very Normal Weekend {Plus a Crappy Selfie Shoot}

Yippee my little love bugs it’s Monday.  Okay, who am I kidding…really? No one likes Mondays, but I figured I could try a positive spin on it.  Did it work? {Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Sorry my little jelly beans…I tried.}

This weekend, was pretty normal… no trips to the beach or weekend jaunts to Dublin, instead we just hungout. And you know what? After the butt kicking week that I had, it was 100% welcomed.  Here are a few of my highlights of this very normal weekend:

Weekend Update

1. I broke into the American stash baked a Funfetti cake, just because it was Saturday.

2. I spy with my little eye, a pup who wants my toast.

3. Hello English breakfast! {Nom nom!}

4. Starting to clip the lavender I am ever so lovingly growing my our front garden.  I am planning on dying the bunches of the lavender for future projects.  Does anyone have suggestions what I can do with it?

5. Wales is playing the USA in rugby here in Wrexham… I do believe I need to look into ticket prices and cheer on Team USA.

6. Speaking of which,  I am always amused at all the products that the Brits put the American flag on.  Similar to all the stuff we plaster with the British flag.  (I guess it’s a good trade off.}

And although it was a fairly typical weekend…. it was the kind of weekend I always wanted when Neal and I were separated through our Long Distance Relationship.  On Sunday, we made dinner together and then snuggled up on the couch watching a documentary on the BBC about medieval stained glass.  {Wow.  I just aged myself about 30 years…. moving on.}  We didn’t have to worry about flights or luggage or a countdown of our remaining time together, because we have all the time together we could ever ask for.  I realized that I was so content and so happy as we were chillin’ on the couch that I had to give him an extra little hug to remind myself how freaking lucky I {we} are.

Ah. Deep sigh…

In addition to this very normal stuff,  I tried doing a selfie photoshoot on Sunday to have new images for my blog button.  Well, after 500 {no joke, really} images…these are the four where I look the least dorky:

Selfie Collage

Looking at them again, I am pretty sure that they are all pretty dorky. What do you think?  Am I going to be forever a dork when it comes to taking photos of myself? Alas…

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend filled with plenty of happiness!! Now, off to tackle the week….


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  • Wishing you a very happy week, dear!!

    • FoundLove_Blog

      Thanks lovely, you too!

  • I love your selfies! I may be a bit biased with loving lip colour that can pop! But the top two are so great and you have such a beautiful smile! Rock that happiness! x

    • FoundLove_Blog

      Oh my goodness, thanks for saying that Bonnie! I was so paranoid about how they turned out. On a whim I added the red lipstick and it is a fun pop! =)

  • Chelsea Diamond

    you look beautiful! i especially love the second one! OH! and you should make dip dyed napkins or pillow cases with the lavender. I’ve been wanting to try out some natural dye as well!

    • FoundLove_Blog

      Oh Chelsea… thank you so much for your sweet comment! Taking selfies is so weird and awkward, but it’s a necessity of blogging. Alas.

      And I love the idea of trying to use the lavender as natural dye. I am going to have tons of lavender this summer, so excited to try new projects!

  • I recently tried a selfie shoot too and there wasn’t even one where I didn’t look like a crazy woman. haha

    • FoundLove_Blog

      Haha Quinn! Thanks for your comment about failed selfie takes. I am glad that I am not the only one! 😉

  • Your selfies are great, and I say embrace the inner dork! I am exactly the same with selfies as I take a couple of hundred and I maybe find the odd one or two that look ok. I am not very photogenic so rarely find one I like. Ahh, well!

    As for the lavender … I love to dry the lavendar and use it on a lemon posset dessert or make shortbread biscuits and put a bit of dried lavendar in those! Oh, gosh I’m so hungry now! Yum!

    Have a great week!

    • FoundLove_Blog

      Thanks Molly! I am so hyper critical about my self pics, but I think that’s pretty standard, right? =)

      Shortbread with dried lavender? Holy moly… I enjoy that idea! I will have to see if I can find some cooking recipes. Good idea!

  • Haha, you would think that selfies would be not that difficult to take, but then when you actually do them, it’s like, AHHHHHH! Hahaha! Well, I think those ones are cute!!! And that red lipstick is a great color on you!

    • FoundLove_Blog

      I know, I told my hubs… “I am going to some quick self pics…” Easy breezy, right? Nope. Literally a 30 minutes later I have 4 images… Alas!

      I only break out the lipstick when I don’t have to worry about lipstick on my teeth! 😉

      • Haha, yes, I think I would totally get lipstick on my teeth if I wore it; good strategy!!! 🙂

  • I am so jealous of your weekend! I threw two parties at my house this weekend for other people and I am absolutely beat (and super behind on regular chores). I can’t believe it’s Monday already!!

    • FoundLove_Blog

      Hi Sarah!

      Whew… that is one busy weekend! Doesn’t sound like you got much of a break…I am so sorry lady! Hopefully you can relax a bit after work this week and get your energy up!

  • The Swedes also love to put the flag, American that is, on everything and I am always shocked to see people proudly wearing the hideous creations!
    Also ahhhh about couch cuddles!

    • FoundLove_Blog

      Couch cuddles are the best!! {Make me very very happy!} And I think it is so funny what the Brits put the American flag on…. funny it happens in Sweden too! =)