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Looking Back at My Favorite Wedding Moments, One Year Later

A year ago today, Neal and I said I do.  I know that a few weeks ago, I shared how thinking about our wedding day triggered homesickness but today isn’t for that.  Today, I want to share about our happiness and joy we had that day a year ago. I want to share with you a few of the moments that are a bit quirky {and one of a kind} and very memorable to me.

Meeting This Lovely Lady

The morning of the wedding, I was able to meet for the first time the lovely, Lily, daughter of wonderful friends from college Billy & Robyn.  Billy and Robyn volunteered to deliver flowers to our hotel room, and the brought Lily with them.  For about 20 minutes, the wedding tasks and to-dos fell away while I sat with Lily and chatted with friends I rarely get to see.  Such a normal moment, in the midst of wedding prep.



Neal Belinda s W-0457_v1

Having a Peacock Moment


The bridesmaids and I got ready for the wedding at The Davenport Hotel, in downtown Spokane.  One of my favorite bars in the hotel is actually the Peacock Room.  Yup, that’s the name.  Somehow, I pulled some strings and got security to open the doors to the bar to allow my photographer and I for some quick photography.  I have always loved this piece of stained glass, and since it was a peacock how perfect is that? Love.

Having These Ladies By My Side

Neal Belinda s W-0610_EDIT

Shannon (left) was my Matron of Honor while Kim (right) was my Maid of Honor.  But of them brought this high strung down a bit, made me laugh and reminded me to breathe (and eat dinner).  I can’t say enough about the love I share for these ladies.

Going Somewhere New

Neal Belinda s W-0776_V1

Our wedding took place at Gonzaga University, where I went to school and at the time where I worked.  With that in mind, I knew the campus inside and out, and began thinking of spots for photography for the day of the wedding.  I wanted to think of spots to allow us get beautiful images that didn’t shout “Gonzaga” when you saw them.  After brainstorming, I came up with doing photography in Gonzaga’s library, and on the day of when we arrived the staff were more than happy to let us into Rare Books Room.  With stunning design and being a secluded spot, I was beyond happy.  I kicked off my shoes {no really, I did} and our photographers do the rest.  The best part?  We were the first wedding party to have a session there.

I like to think that the privacy allowed for our bridal party to relax and have a good laugh, creating moments like these:

Neal Belinda s W-0148

My First “I’m a Bride Moment”

All morning I waited to feel like a bride.  I thought it would happen when I put on my dress.  Or at our first look. Or wedding party photography.  Nope, nope and nope.   I kept joking with our photographer Kayleen, that I was waiting for my “Oh hey, it’s out wedding day moment.”  Then as my Dad and I approached the aisle, and I heard Blackbird by Fleetwood Mac playing on the piano did my moment finally come to me.  The best part? I caught the eye of my photographer who asked, “Moment?”  I nodded, and she snapped this picture.

Neal Belinda s W-0849_V1

Oh, and another goody… literally moments from walking down the aisle, my Dad remembers to silence his phone. Awesome.

Neal Belinda s W-0846_V1

Drinking Guinness

I love drinking Guinness and so does Neal.  Why wouldn’t we have it served at our wedding?

Neal Belinda s W-1032

Love & Joy

Our wedding was small, less than 100 people, but for us…this was perfect.  We got to spend time with everyone without feeling rushed or pressured for a timeline.  We were surrounded by so much love and so much joy, that thinking about it brings me such happiness. I had a moment during the dancing at the reception.  As I was busting a move and looked around the room, I realized that our most favorite people were right there celebrating with us, while wishing us well.

Neal Belinda s W-0047_V1

Our first year of marriage has been one filled with moments of joy and pain, success and failure. In just our first year, we have been challenged and we have triumphed.   I have learned more about myself and love, patience and trust in one year, than I could have ever imagined.  I can’t begin to fathom what the adventures in marriage has in store for us in year 2, year 12  and beyond.

Neal, here’s to the next year and all of the years to come!


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