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Let’s Get to Know Each Other…

I have noticed that there are some new readers who are joining me in this blogging adventure, so I thought that I would take a moment to reintroduce myself to you all, say hello and share a little about why blogging is so important to me.

Hello. Bonjour. Hola.

I am Belinda, a 30 something year old newlywed who has moved to the UK in the summer 2012 to be with my British husband.  This transatlantic move has placed me with the label of “expat”, which is more than likely a badge I will wear for quite some time.

Just to warn you: I am a clutz and a bit of a geek.  I would take a day at a museum or exploring a castle anytime. And, I try not to take myself too seriously, because what kind of fun is that?



I work (hooray) full time at a marketing agency, where I am allowed to be creative, organized and funny (sometimes) while contributing to our household income.  (Always a good thing.)  It took me about 2 ½ months to gain the courage and the confidence to begin applying for jobs, and I will be honest sitting on the couch watching reality tv sounds nice in theory but oh-so mind numbing.

I’ll be honest, I miss America. There I said it.  But that shouldn’t be a surprise, not at all.  I miss my home, my friends, my family, my old job, my parent’s dog George {he is awesome, just see that squishy face below}.

George! I miss this chubby pup.

George! I miss this chubby pup.

I miss Target, Trader Joe’s, shopping until 9pm on a Sunday, really good Mexican food, driving with confidence {or driving at all, really} and so much more.

But I try not to think about the things I miss because, in all honesty, it makes me too sad.  I have turned off the “Things I miss” switch in my brain and instead I focus on the things that make me happy and bring me joy.

Of course, making the top of my list is my oh so lovely and charmingly funny hubs Neal.  The reason I picked up my life, and moved 5,000 miles to a brand new country.  Even when we are having “off” days, he makes me smile in a million little ways and he is simply awesome.

My lovely and funny hubs, Neal.

My lovely and funny hubs, Neal.

Another happy for my list is easily (and without a doubt) blogging.  Blogging began as a way for me to share my thoughts and frustrations with being newly married and an expat, while allowing friends back home to follow along.  Blogging has evolved into so much more.  Blogging has essentially become my lifeline.  Being an expat in a new country is lonely {sometimes to the point where you don’t want to admit it} and blogging allows for me to connect with wonderful people from around the world.

Blogging to me is about writing our story and sharing our life.  I don’t focus on giveways or stats, instead I try to write consistently and honestly about my life.  Which in simple essence can be a scary and overwhelming concept, but I stick to it and stay true to myself.

That’s just a little bit about me on this lovely Saturday afternoon….


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