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In Love with the Louvre

Louvre Paris at Night

Author disclaimer: This post has been fueled by cheap French wine.   Disregard grammatical or spelling errors.   Thank you very much.

When planning a trip to Paris, on every list of “To-Do’s” is seeing the Louvre.  But as you may imagine, the Louvre is massive.  No really, it’s intense, and words can’t explain how expansive this bad boy of a museum it is.

Since Neal and I had a 4-Day museum pass, allowing us unlimited visits to 60 sites…the Louvre included, we knew that we would make two trips to this massive museum. (If you are thinking of doing a trip to Paris this pass is worth it, Check it out here)  The first was right when the museum opened on Monday, the second when the Louvre had late hours until 9:45 pm on Wednesday.  The two visits were so different from one another, as different as well night and day. (Pun intended.)

Exterior of Lourve, Paris

Here are our two visits….

Louvre: First Visit

Lourve, Paris

Taking a snapshot of the line for the Louvre. Not fun at all.

This is the expansive Italian gallery, it is impossible to absorb everything.

Lourve, Paris

One of the many galleries of the Lourve

Lourve, Paris

An artist capturing the Louvre on canvas. Cool!

Many of these paintings dated back to the 16th century (or even earlier), I was stunned by the complex colors and details. Amazing.

Lourve, Paris

I loved the bright and vivid colors here.

Everywhere you turned there was a stunning piece of art, high and low…

Lourve, Paris

I loved how the natural light made it into the gallery here. Divine.’

Louvre: Second Round

On Wendesday, we had dinner and then arrived at the Louvre around 7:30 pm.   There were some lines, but nothing compared to during the day.

Exterior of the Louvre at night

Exterior of the Louvre at night

Since Neal and I had made it to the popular exhibits before, such as the Italian galleries, we opted to go in a different (non-popular) wing, resulting in us being alone in Louvre.  We entered this gallery, and I took a moment to realize that beyond the Louvre staff member, we were alone with incredible pieces of art.  I loved this moment.  The quiet, the non-shuffling or crowds, I was able to appreciate the pieces without worrying about bumping into someone.


Lourve, Paris

For a moment, Neal and I were alone in a gallery in the Louvre. I felt that was worth taking a picture.

Lourve, Paris

One of the countless galleries of statues…

One of the wings of the Louvre showcases Napoleon’s apartment in all its glory and grandeur. (Yes, please… sign me up.)

Louvre Museum Paris

Interior of Napoleon’s apartment…uh…can someone say posh?

Paris Louvre Museum

Napoleon’s massive dining room.

With all of the bright and shiny goodies, I was 100% distracted and somehow Neal and I separated from one another in one of the largest museums in the world.  Awesome right?  And, did I mention that Neal’s phone was off and not allowing calls?  We eventually found each other, after a frantic 20 minutes and a dramatic reunion, and we moved on with our visit.

Lourve, Paris

Our last gallery of the night, featuring French art. I was dying at the details here.

One of my favorite parts of visiting the Louvre at night, was gaining access to the super popular pieces of art.  I was able to view both the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo without waiting, or shuffling through the crowds. This was a highlight for me.

Up close and personal with two artistic muses.  Kind of awesome....

Up close and personal with two artistic muses. Kind of awesome….

All in all, I recommend trying to make it to the Louvre during the late night hours.  I am glad we went twice, because when we went the second time…we appreciated the experience so much more!  Even after spending a few hours at the Louvre, I could easily go back again…to dive into more incredible pieces of art.  Next time I visit, I am investing in the audio guide to help explain the art, that is the only thing I wish we had done.

But, as incredible as the Louvre was… it wasn’t my favorite museum in Paris.  I can’t wait to tell you which one was my top pick (and why).  What about you?  Have you visited the Louvre?  What was your favorite moment from experiencing the museum?

I would love to hear from you….



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