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Paris Bound

Tomorrow Neal and I head are bound for Paris, for a week holiday. I have organized the trip, studied the guidebooks, pre-purchased museum passes, booked our apartment and figured out what we “must do”.  (Have I mentioned that I am uber Type A when I go on a trip?)  I have to take a major step back, and allow myself to relax and enjoy Paris for what it is.

I’ll be honest, I am just a tad nervous.  This is our first trip to somewhere new, where neither of us has the knowledge or the know how to get around or sites to see.  There have been a few times on our weekend away in Cardiff and Edinburgh, have found ourselves standing on the corner bickering about where to do (and how) next.  It’s frustrating, it’s exhausting and it’s irritating.   {How come those moments are never shown on the lovely romantic comedy movies set abroad?}  When it comes down to it, traveling is wonderful and exhilarating (and I love it) it is an incredibly stressful time. To ease the travel stress I will need to remind myself of the quote below:

As always, you can follow all of the Parisan adventures via Instagram.  And don’t forget, I have some lovely bloggers lined up for a few guest post next week so be sure to check back often! {I also may sneak in a post or two while I am away, I am addicted to blogging that much!}



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