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Visiting Edinburgh Castle

The first stop in Edinburgh that we made was none other than the imposing Edinburgh Castle.  This castle, resting bedrock overlooking the city is impossible to miss.  It is a major medieval structure, that you have to see to say you’ve done Edinburgh right.

After climbing the hill and the steps to the top of the castle, I could immediately see how this castle would be ideal to protect and defend.  Unlike the other castles we have visited in Wales, the Edinburgh Castle has only one exposed point of entrance.  This is one tough castle.


Edinburgh Castle

The imposing Edinburgh Castle overlooking the city…

Using our CADW membership (yes please) we were able to get 50% off our admission to the castle, saving us about $15.  (Not bad, that CADW membership is paying for itself.)  When we bought our admission we were recommended to purchase a guidebook as “not much information is displayed throughout the castle”.  I thought it was a selling point, but I was wrong.  There was very little displayed information about the castle history, different from other castles we have visited.  Having to feel “forced” to purchase a guidebook on top of $22 admission doesn’t sit right with me.  (Negative point.)

Views from Edinburgh Castle

Views from Edinburgh Castle

When we finally made it into the castle, it was cold and windy but ventured on ready to make the best of a very cold situation   Exploring the grounds, and taking in the stunning views of the city, we spotted a Scottish Whisky Tasting room right there on the castle grounds.  Of course, being the whisky lover that I am, I enjoyed popping in there and seeing the selection for sale, plus for sampling.

Whisky Tasting at Edinburgh Castle

Whisky Tasking Gift Shop


After being warmed up by the sampling of whisky,  we headed view the Scottish Crown Jewels, the Great Hall and the National Scottish War Memorial.

Great Hall, Edinburgh Castle

Great Hall, Edinburgh Castle


Great Hall, Edinburgh Castle

I loved this massive fireplace in the Great Hall in Edinburgh Castle.

The Royal Apartments, Edinburgh Castle

The Royal Apartments, Edinburgh Castle


Edinburgh Castle

Oh so lovely stained glass of the Edinburgh Castle

All in all, we spent about 1 1/2 hours at the Edinburgh Castle.  We probably would have spent a more time there if it wasn’t so stinking cold.  I was pretty grumpy gills by the end of it.

Edinburgh Castle

Greetings from cold, wet and windy Edinburgh Castle!

My thoughts: It is an amazing castle and as I mentioned it is a “must see” for Edinburgh.  But,  it wasn’t the most impressive castle we have visited or the top of my list.  I felt that the castle was too preserved with not very much access to much of the castle (much of it is used for office space now) which is our favorite part:, exploring nooks and crannies.   There wasn’t much exploring, instead we walked around and followed the map.

What about you? Have you visited Edinburgh Castle?  What were your thoughts?



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Hi Leeann,

For visiting me on my blog! Until I moved to the UK Disneyland was my only castle too, so I think that counts for sure! Edinburgh was a fun city to visit, and I will need to make a trip up there again soon.



Leeann @ Join the Gossip

WOW! It’s so gorgeous! I have never been to a castle…unless Disneyland counts ;)

Looks like such an incredible place to visit.






PS–Want to see our other Wanderlust travel adventures?  You can view them here!

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