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Marriage Musings Monday: Learning to Cheerlead One Another

Coming off of our weekend trip in Edinburgh, I had an observation (or musing rather) that I felt would be good to share for this edition of Marriage Musings Monday.   The question of how do you act as the #1 cheerleader for your beloved?

Here is the inspiration for this question…

This past weekend, for us to make it to Edinburgh it was a substantial drive, about 5 hours.  Which Neal had to do solo (since I can’t drive in the UK) in both directions.  On Thursday, for our drive up, there were driving with no street lights, so in near total darkness the whole time.  (Awesome, right?)  Instead of dozing off to sleep, I stayed awake to chat with Neal while constantly telling him how much I appreciated him and his driving. We ended up arriving at 10:15pm, about 6 hours later.  (Fun, right?)

How our roadtrips look... Yes, I am being a good cheerleader as my beloved drives to Scotland.

How our roadtrips look… Yes, I am being a good cheerleader as my beloved drives us safely to Scotland.

Then, on Sunday we were greeted with snow and challenging driving conditions for getting home.  Neal was a champion: driving carefully, avoiding an accident (scary!), being a patient driver and an overall all star. All I could do was to I quietly cheerlead him on making sure he knew how much I was rooting him on.

Cheerleading one another (in my humble opinion) is an important for feeling supported in a new marriage.  From careers to hobbies, both Neal and I take the time and energy to cheer  and coach the other on.   I love this.  I revel in this concept of being part of a team where we coach and cheer for one another.

What about you?  How important do you think coaching and cheering for your beloved is to a healthy relationship?

As always, comments and thoughts are welcomed!



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