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Visit to Caerphilly Castle

Hello my lovely blog readers! I so excited to share with you the photos from last weekend…as I mentioned in my short and sweet post yesterday, I snapped over 600 images in just 3 short days.  (I have no idea how many I will take in Scotland or Paris.  Bring on the SD cards!)

Before I begin highlighting and sharing our Welsh castle adventures, I want to share one little fact.  Each time we visit a new or interesting place, I think of you: my blog readers.  I think of my family and friends back home who I miss dearly.  I think of my younger sister, who loves ceramics when I spotted Roman pottery.  Or I think of my Mom when I am in an incredible church with stained glass.

I think of my new blogger friends I have “met” through button swaps or a linkup…Other expats near and abroad, bloggers who love to travel or bloggers who love to live through my adventures.

Each step on a medieval pavement along a castle wall has me wishing that you could join me.  But you all can’t be here with me, so I try to bring my adventures to you.  These travel posts are a good reminder of why I blog. To bring my expat life to well, life… through pictures and stories to help you feel like you were there.

With that, I want to share our day at Caerphilly Castle!

This castle is the largest in Wales, the grand daddy of them all.  Walking up to Caerphilly, you feel the imposing nature of the castle instantly.

Caerphilly Castle

The main castle entrance

This castle has been featured in movies and TV programs, like BBC’s tv show Merlin.  And I can see why….

Caerphilly Castle in Wales

Greetings from Caerphilly!

We were incredibly luck to have a bright and sunny day as we explored Caerphilly! The views were just stunning….

View of Caerphilly Wales

View of Caerphilly

Exploring the castle is a favorite part for Neal and I.  Up and down the tower steps, in and out of archways… visiting a castle makes you feel like a kid.  (No really, it does.)

Caerphilly Castle Wales

I loved how the light reflected through the window here.

Making it to the top of the tower always brings the best views, just step carefully… the stairs are narrow and slippery!

Welsh Flag Caerphilly Castle

Welsh Flag atop of Caerphilly Castle

Another room to explore was the Great Hall.  With high wooden beams, stone floors and crests hanging on the walls, you can only imagine the type of entertaining that went on here.

Great Hall Caerphilly Castle

Inside the Great Hall at Caerphilly Castle. Can’t you imagine the feasts that took place here?

Hooray, I didn't fall down slippery steps.

Hooray, I didn’t fall down slippery steps.

As we left the castle, we asked how close Castell Coch was.  We had about 1 hour until that castle closed and we wanted to get there before it did.  The CADW guide asked us if we had our own transport and then gave us a super secret (and faster) way to make it to the castle.  He drew sketched it out on a scrap piece of paper with directions like “Turn right at the food shack.”

Neal trying to figure out the hand-written directions.

Neal trying to figure out the hand-written directions.

Did we get lost?  Did we make it Castell Coch before it closed?  All in good time my friends… stay tuned for the next blog post!


* If you are looking to explore Wales, look at purchasing a CADW explorer pass.   3-Day pass for two adults is £20.30 while a 7-day pass is £31.60.  This allows for unlimited access to all CADW sites and well worth the money.   For more information, visit CADW’s site here.

* Near Caerphilly Castle there is a budget friendly car park, £1.60 for two hours.  Bring change!

*The tower steps are slippery and claustrophobic at times.  Sturdy shoes are a must.

*Caerphilly Castle is a monster, with plenty to see.  You will want at least 45 minutes to 1 hour to explore the castle.  






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