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Marriage Musings Monday: An Inconvenient Love

Ah, I love this quote. I thought it would be a perfect for today’s installment of Marriage Musings Monday.

If you are not familiar with it…It is from my all time favorite shows: Sex and the City, Season 6: American Girl in Paris Part Duex.  It is the moment when Carrie finally realizes that the love she is looking for isn’t pretty or perfect.  Instead it is real, consuming and even a little bit inconvenient. (I just watched this episode over the weekend, and as I saw it I was reminded of how much I loved this quote.)



I adore the idea of love being inconvenient and consuming.  Because when you stop to think about it, that’s what love is and let me be honest I have found the same for marriage too.   (In my short marriage experience of seven months.)

Don’t get me wrong I love having Neal at my side.  Helping me through life, being my cheerleader and supporting each other through the roller coaster of life.  But there are times when it’s tough and a bit exhausting.  When I was single, I didn’t have to worry about someone else’s schedule, needs or feelings… but now that I am in a committed for life relationship I have to factor in Neal.  I consult with him.   We problem solve together.  We assess situations together.

Does this take more time than if I made a decision alone?  Yup.  Is it slightly inconvenient factoring in another person for solving a problem?  Absolutely.

But, in my seven months of being married I have found that the the idea of real-love, that is equal and even just a bit inconvenient is so worth it.  Because, when it is the “can’t-live-without-each-other” kind of love,  you find yourself making compromises and sacrifices not to keep tally or a score but (low and behold) because you want to make the other happy. And really, when you think about wonderful is that?

Just a few of my marriage musings this lovely Monday!






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