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Weekend Roundup: First 48 Hours Back in America

Greetings my lovely blog readers, and instead of coming to you from Northern Wales…this week this post is coming to you from Tacoma, Washington.  Yes, that’s right Neal and I made it safely on our trip back to the states, and what a trip it was.

Without further delay let me share with you highlight of our trip and our first 48 hours back in America.

  1. Yes, I snapped a picture of the airplane food and proud of it.  We flew from London Gatwick to Las Vegas via Virgin, and I will have to say that the food was a major highlight for me! From our lunch (as shown) to other surprises I was very happy.
  2. Me attempting to look fresh and not jet lagged on the plane.  This is about 5 hours of flying… how  am I doing here?
  3. The wing of the plane… not bad flying weather.
  4. I constantly watch the map of the location of the map.  Bad habit, since it really doesn’t move fast enough for my liking.
  5. Here was another surprise eating treat: afternoon coffee with a cupcake! What? A cupcake?  Yes… and a posh one at that.
  6. Did  I mention that our flight was empty?  It was amazing!  No one to squeeze past to the bathrooms or worry about getting sick.  I was happily content reading the Hunger Games in a row alone. (With Neal of course…)
  7. Our welcoming committee that greeted us in Seattle. Bless.
  8. My sister making mulled wine.  She wasn’t very impressed.

After we landed and recovered from the jet lag, we fill our first two days with going to Target, eating Trader Joe’s goodies and hitting up the Melting Pot for diner last night.  Also, as a birthday/Christmas present I have a new DSLR which I can’t wait to shoot Wales and England when we get home.

More pictures of our trip to come!!

How was your weekend?



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