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Oh How Pinteresting!


Hello hello my beloved readers and a very Happy Wednesday to you all!  Today marks my last full day in work before we leave for America!  The next 48 hours will be 100% hectic from finishing packing to driving to the airport… I will be glad to be sitting at the Gatwick airport Friday morning waiting for our flight.

Until then, I am excited to share with you some of my favorite pins from the past week.  As always I am linking up with The Vintage Apple!

Again if you are not sure what Pinterest is or how to use it, simply check out my handy dandy and very friendly Pinterest tutorial! If you need an invitation to join up Pinterest, be sure to e-mail me:

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This week features healthy traveling tips, more Christmas printables, two travel dream locations and plenty of DIY Christmas projects.

 PS– I have launched a Tumblr account to document my Expat Musings & Misteps that don’t really fit into a whole blog post.  Check it out here!

Simple mantle design: Three canvases with ribbon and wooden letters. I Love this! 

Why didn’t I think of that? 

Shadow box frame with bright baubles.  Love this idea….

India.  I long to go there.

Source: via Belinda on Pinterest

Russia….the colors here are so beautiful!

DIY Wreath: Twinkle lights…doilies… and frame.  Seems simple enough.

Hello Christmas printables! Yes please! 

Simple and clean book shelf.  I enjoy this idea for small spaces.

I found this infographic just in time!! Perfection to staying healthy on my long flight coming up!!

Source: via Belinda on Pinterest

I hope you all enjoy the rest of you week! Be on the look out for posts to my Tumblr account for trip pics and updates!



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