High Five for Fridays!

Hello Friday! How I Love Thee…

Hello blogging world! My High Five for Fridays are turning into one of my favorite posts of the week.  Who isn’t brimming with pure joy at the idea of the impending weekend?  I cannot wait.  This week, like so many others, has really flown by, I can hardly believe that in three weeks I will be on a plane bound for Las Vegas, then up to Seattle.  Plenty to do between now and then, so no time to dawdle, let’s post!

This week featured Neal’s birthday, my attempt a skinny jeans, a new read from a familiar author and an odd Diet Coke bottle.  (Weird week, I know.)

Hooary for Fridays!

  1. On my way to the bus stop, I snapped this picture of twilight in the town center of Chester. I love the combination of the colors plus the historic architecture. LOVE.
  2. I received this delish box of Belgium chocolate as a thank you gift from a co-worker.  Divine!
  3. November 11 is Remembrance Day (same as USA celebrating Veterans Day) and these wreaths of poppies were laid at the Chester Cathedral in memorial.
  4. I finally broke down and attempted skinny jeans for the first time this week.  Not too bad, but also pretty sure that #2, #5, #8 & #9 won’t be forgiving for this idea next week….
  5. Apparently Jean Pau Gaultier has designed a new and posh Diet Coke bottle.  Is this in America?  Or just in the UK?
  6. As a little surprise to Neal, I made these fun little snacks for his birthday.  I found these cute prinatables, for 12 sweet treat surprises on Pinterest. (Of course I did.)  I couldn’t find many of them, since they are American brands…but two isn’t bad and Neal was surprised.
  7. I have finally broken  down to read JK Rowling’s latest (and first adult fiction novel) The Casual Vacancy.  Be on the lookout for a Bookworm Review!
  8. In celebration of Neal’s birthday, I whipped together a brownie sundae with toppings and a candle.  I am awesome, I know. (But then again, so is he.)
  9. A UK Christmastime treat that I can get used to is Mince Pies.  These were our first of the season, and they were yummy.

Another major highlight from my week was that Neal subscribed us to ESPN America!! I know, this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for this college basketball loving lady (Go Zags!) … I am in heaven!    We are able to record games during the night, watch them on the weekends… and don’t even get me started on March Madness!! Woo-hoo!!

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This weekend we are planning on  get prepped for our trip to the States, watching college basketball, reading, testing new recipes and diving into my latest read.

Photobucket What about you?   Enjoy your Friday and your weekend…you’ve earned it!



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